Sony Email Hack: Uncharted Film Details, Mark Wahlberg, “More Bourne Than Indy”

In an email exchange carried out on July 20, 2014, several Sony Pictures executives discussed the Uncharted film, its location, tone and characters

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Sev2254d ago

Poor Sony. Always getting hacked!

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DarkOcelet2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

I think Mark Welhberg would be a cool Drake. If we can forgot he was ever Max Payne. (Gives me the shivers each time i remember that movie ugh)

eldingo2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

that movie is a prime example of an amazing actor in a terrible movie.

@OrangePowerz have you even seen the max payne movie in question man that thing was awful it had one of the stupidest plots (i say this having seen idioacracy) and they completely got bullet time wrong in that movie it sucked man it was a hot mess man.

OrangePowerz2254d ago

Don't you mean the other way around? A potential great movie with a horrible actor?

OrangePowerz2254d ago

I thought you mean Uncharter would be a prime example a terrible movie with an amazing actor :D

I wouldn't consider Marky Mark is an amazing actor either. I just can't see him as Drake, he isn't the witty, cool charismatic guy that you would hang out with for a few beers after work. Marky Mark is a bro dude type.

Yi-Long2254d ago

Tyler Hoechlin would make a great Nathan Drake.

Dangiroud2254d ago

Did you Just called mark walberg an amazing actor?

Sitdown2254d ago

Mark Wahlverg would be a perfect fit; he has shown the ability to be witty.

WilliamUsher2254d ago

Uh, Walhberg was one of the biggest problems with the Max Payne movie because he REFUSED to play the games. Hence he came across as wooden and lifeless in the role.

He could have better portrayed Max had he at least put in his due diligence. The movie was bad no doubt, but it was made worse with Marky Mark's terrible turn as Max Payne.

UltraNova2254d ago

I'd go with Star Lord for Drake's role..

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Thatguy-3102254d ago

Mark Wahlberg isn't charismatic like Drake. That's a big part of his character and the fact that he lacks it just makes me worry. I think Chris Pratt can do it justice. I honestly don't see how executives that run these studios make these obvious bad decisions.

mushroomwig2254d ago

Chris Pratt has the charm but not the looks. Nathan Fillion has both of those, he would fit into that role so easily.

Thatguy-3102254d ago

When doing a movie the best one can do is cast someone that can act the part well even if they don't resemble the character physically. Nathan fillion would be perfect but now he's kind of old. I'm pretty sure they're aiming for a franchise so Chris Pratt beign younger can pull it off well.

JasonKCK2254d ago

Mark Welhberg is an average actor at best.

hkgamer2254d ago

i think mark wahlberg would be a good fit.

he is a good actor, not great or anything special but he is above average i suppose. but whats better is that he is an amazing star. films like this needs star power more than acting power.

lookingat other comments on this reply.
tyler hoechlin? who the fk is he? had to google and found that he was the son of tom hanks in road to pedition, no one remembers who is he in that film apart from tom hanks being in it.

nathan fillion? that tv actor that has had no success? also a bad actor and no star power apart from being in 1 season tv series which geeks and nerds love.

chris pratt? i guess he is a hot star rigt now, he can work.

chris evans is basically captain america.

nathan fillion? yes had to mention him twice, he is a nobody and people need to recognise this.

FriedGoat2254d ago

Mark Wahlberg is dull and lifeless.
Drake needs character and charm and wahlberg doesn't have that.
Nathan Fillion would be perfect, considering Nathan Drake is based on his character in Firefly.

hellothere19772254d ago

Sorry, I don't find a coward who threw rocks at colored schoolchildren (while calling them n*ggers) deserving of being Drake.

But by all means, you are free to support a racist coward all you like.

Proof? Google his court records. He's a piece of sh*t.

jdiggitty2254d ago

I always liked how he gets to forgive himself for the attempted murder and blinding another guy. Never actually asked for forgiveness, just granted it to himself.

And now he's asking the governor to pardon his crimes cause the felonies prevent him from spreading his stupid burger chain in some states. Yeah, he's garbage

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ajax172254d ago

Wow, the spelling errors are cringe inducing. To think that she was co-chairman.

OrangePowerz2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

Or not being able to correctly spell your product PlayStation while spelling X-Box right. Play station? Really?

doctorstrange2254d ago

Looking at some of the other emails, Sony Pictures employees as a whole treated PlayStation simply like another company. Here and there in the emails, however, you can see the 'One Sony' initiative brought up and slowly start to work on some.

kneon2254d ago

Now that so many people try to send emails on their touchscreen phones spelling has just gone down the toilet. It's too much of pain to try and fix all the typos and auto-misspell so many people just let them go so long as the receiver can still understand what was meant.

JohnathanACE2254d ago

Personally I think Nathan Fillion would make an amazing Nathan Drake in both looks and personality. I guess Welhberg is ok but defiantly not my first choice.

Crimzon2254d ago

I'm fairly sure Nathan Drake was based on Nathan Fillion when they designed him. I recall reading about how they wanted Fillion to be the voice actor as well.

hkgamer2254d ago

but we have to admit that nathan fillion sucks as an actor and has no star power.

maybe they based the look and feel off him. but he just isnt big enough to bring in money for a succesful film.

zsquaresoff2254d ago

Im not too sure about Mark Wahlberg as Nathan drake.

Hugh jackman could be interesting or Nathan fillion.

Uncharted needs to be an all out adventure movie and not a runaway spy flick like the Bourne series were.

BluEx6102254d ago

I would like Hugh Jackman as Joel in The Last of Us. Have you seen Prisoners? Great movie and I can totally see him as Joel.

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