Xbox 360 owner sues MS over Fall Update

Hell has no fury than an Xbox fan boy scorned! That is, if REDRUM6622 isn't kidding around with the class action suit he filed against Microsoft over Xbox Live's Fall Update.

In October 31, MS released a free system update that offered more than 85 new features and enhancements, including support for native 1080p games and movies, faster Arcade game list display times, and more video playback options. That was the plan. But plans don't always go smoothly. Do they ever?

Shortly after Xbox owners downloaded the Fall Update, complaints started sprouting like fungi on a wet athlete's foot. Some reported consoles conking out after the fall update when they have a flashed drive. Some claim random system freezing in the middle of games. Others cried "bricked." In fact, buzz went around that the Fall Update was designed to brick modded Xbox 360.

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MicroGamer4332d ago

a link to a copy of the actual complaint before I believe it is more than just a rumor. So REDRUM6622, if you're out there, get a copy of those legal papers online so we can all see you aren't full of BS.

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Cyclonus4332d ago

I could understand suing if his Xbox 360 suddenly came to life and savagely raped his mom. But for this?


Geohound4332d ago

maybe you shouldn't plan on updating if you plan on modding.

MicroGamer4332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

whether you mod your console or not, it is yours to do what you like with it. Microsoft does not have the right to destroy your system because they don't like the mods you made. How would you like it if you had an AMD based system and Microsoft caused Windows to freeze until you downloaded an update to Windows that burns out AMD chips so that only Intel users can have computers?? Or if you were an Nvidia user and Microsoft forced you to download a Windows update that shorted out your video card because Microsoft wants you to use ATI instead?? You'd be mad as hell and you know it. And there is no way to avoid the patches if you ever want to play on Live again. 360 owners have the same right to be pissed at Microsoft as you would.

MoonDust4332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

MSFT will win. Yes, he can do W/E he wants with 360 but modding is what caused his X360 to fail. He was the one that put the Mod on the 360, it's his fault. That's like suing FORD for your cars engine blowing up after you put nitrous on it. Besides Modding is illegal and MSFT has the right to block anyone they want.
*Modding 360 voids all warranty*

ElementX4332d ago

SAD indeed!

"How would you like it if you had an AMD based system and Microsoft caused Windows to freeze until you downloaded an update to Windows that burns out AMD chips so that only Intel users can have computers??"

Do you know anything? AMD was the first to release a 64-bit processor to the general public. Microsoft then came up with a 64-bit version of Windows. This is nothing like that.
Your analogy is completely idiotic.

As for modding, I would compare it to overclocking a computer or rewiring your house. You mess up, it's all on you.

DJ4332d ago

Microgamer made a really good point. If I spent hundreds of dollars on a game system and the company who built it sent out an update that ended up bricking my system, I'd be beyond pissed. This has nothing to do with modding since people who didn't do a thing to their systems had bricking instances.

Shouldn't Microsoft be replacing those consoles for free though? I mean, it was their update and all.

power of Green 4332d ago

Prove it!, are 360's really that different from eachother before being modded.

MoonDust4332d ago

They fix it for free(In the process) and even paid for delivery.

MoonDust4332d ago

They fix it for free(In the process) and even paid for delivery.

MicroGamer4332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

My analogy is completely reasonable, and Microsoft releasing 64 bit windows (which I have btw) has nothing to do with it. Microsoft is taking it upon themselves to take control over your personal property. They do not have the right to do this. This is not a case of someone with a pirated version of Windows, this is a case of someone who bought a 360 legally and Microsoft went out of their way to break it. Microsoft owns the Live network and can ban someone from playing on it if they feel they are cheating. I am okay with that, as I am sure everyone else is, but they still do not have the right to destroy someones 360 anymore than I have the right to come over to your house and smash up your car because I don't like the company that made it or the country it comes from.

ScorpioKyle4332d ago

by modding you violate the end user lisence agreement. It's your own fault for trying to update a modified system.

for the other people who had problems without a modified system, yes you should get it repaired or replaced for free.

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m234332d ago

That's why you buy a warranty. People should be reasonable and buy a warranty package whenever they buy an expensive product.

MicroGamer4332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

Microsoft isn't honoring warranties. They are destroying systems and then telling people when they call that they will have to pay $140 plus shipping to get it fixed, and they aren't even sending you back the same unit that you originally sent in. So what good is a warranty when they refuse to honor it?? And what if I have a future warranty claim?? Now I no longer have the same serial number on my unit that I registered my warranty with. Will they still honor my future warranty claims without the original serial number??

drewdrakes4332d ago

Lol, Microsoft does have the right to do anything they want, especially if he signed up for XBOX live, which he clearly did. They now own his sole. Read the fine print people, they cover their butts like its their job (which it is). One example, they have the right to charge you for whatever they want, and you cant dispute it. Read the fine print.

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