I can't wait to buy Mortal Kombat X in 10 months

What's frustrating, and exhausting, is that I have to sit down with a spreadsheet to work out what edition of the game gives me the most of what I want, what characters I missed out on by not pre-ordering, and what skins or other bonuses I'll get from buying from this retailer instead of that retailer, and then I have to figure out if I'm so lazy I want to pay money to make fatalities easier, or if I just want to watch videos of them.

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Activemessiah2420d ago

Oops! nearly clicked on the link... It's Polygon. >_>

Erik73572420d ago

Whats wrong with them?They seem okay...

Activemessiah2420d ago

It's a shady site run by shady people who do shady business practices that are often anti-gamer. You'll learn about them if you dig stuff up.

This was their most recent venture only 4 days ago:

traumadisaster2420d ago

I said the same a few years ago, and seen others complaining about them and so I started paying attention and found them having an agenda that I couldn't agree with.

Spotie2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

Thanks for the heads-up. I was about to click and see what the fuss was about.

Edit: I don't understand why they and other outlets seem to have this penchant solely for stirring crap up with their own agendas. Does it really make them that much money?

Mikelarry2420d ago

Yeah gone are the days of me pre-ordering games early, when I can get the most bang for my buck 3-4 months down the line.

if this industry wants to nickle and dime me on a $60 game then I say bring it own I have got nothing but time and as we all know with man-made product their value depreciates as time goes by.

Tzuno2420d ago

Mk x needs a solid patch for Pc right now, performance is bad.

Bnet3432420d ago

and a netcode patch on the xbox one. wow ed boon, you said it was better than mk9, not worst ...

spacedelete2420d ago

or you could just get Tekken 7 instead.

Shinuz2420d ago

Thats why i bought the game from a key store for 24$

ThunderPulse2420d ago

Smart man right here. Will you take care of my babies?

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