Mega Man Original Sketch Contest (by Keiji Inafune)

Via Ripten:

"Hey readers! Andrew and I were lucky enough to get this one-of-a-kid Mega Man sketch by the original creator, Keiji Inafune. We will be giving you a chance to win it over the next few weeks.

All you have to do is leave a comment below (one comment per reader) telling us why you think this piece of retro awesomeness should be yours. Prove your love for the blue-bomber and win the perfect compliment to Capcom's upcoming Mega Man 9.

Contest will end at midnight (12:00 am PST) on August 17, 2008. Check out the video of Inafune working his Mega Man magic below. Good luck."

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Nostradavis3799d ago

I am never lucky enough to win this stuff but it never stops me from trying.

MonkeyMan3799d ago

If you stop trying so hard you might win. Thats how i get by in life.

Sandwich Bender3799d ago

Never Give up, Never Surrender!