E3 2008: Wii

Nintendo began this year's E3 similarly to their opening act of E3 2006. While Reggie Fils Aime's "Kick ass and take names" statement has become somewhat iconic in our industry, Nintendo of America's Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Cammie Dunaway, had a more conservative approach, which is less likely to resonate within the minds of the hardcore gamer. It's long been thought – and especially noted by Electronic Theatre – that in order to grab the mass market appeal that films and music take for granted, the videogame's industry needs celebrities. With Shigeru Miyamoto being the most reclusive of developers, and Satoru Iwata having seen little appreciation outside of Japan, it's left to the money men at Nintendo to stand-up and be counted. Reggie has the hardcore, and now Dunaway seems to be Nintendo's answer to their new market – family gaming...

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