C|net editors review: Microsoft Xbox 360 HD-DVD player

The good: The Xbox 360 HD-DVD player is less than half of the price of today's stand-alone HD-DVD players and includes the Xbox 360 Universal remote. We also appreciated that the player's disc-load times were half those of Toshiba's current HD-DVD players, and its two rear USB slots that let you connect USB peripherals.

The bad: Since the Xbox 360 currently doesn't offer HDMI connectivity, there's no way to output your HD-DVDs via HDMI for optimal video and audio quality. Currently, there's no 1080p output via component video.

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Fanboys are gay4331d ago

what i want to know is if i use this on a pc can i get DD+ ?

fjtorres4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

What you get on the PC or Mac will be a function of the playback software you use.
If the software decodes DD+ and you have the PC hardware to play it back it will.
The drive just exposes the data to the application.
As of today, the drive is compatible (with instalable drivers) with XP and out of the box with Vista and OSX. There exist HD-DVD player apps for XP and Vista but not(yet) for the Mac. Check with the WinDVD and Cyberlink folks to see what their apps offer.

MicroGamer4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

Since Apple has come down on the side of Blu Ray,that MS included software for Macs on the install disc. I would have thought any Mac drivers for the MS HD-DVD player would have to be created by the Mac community if they really wanted it. I guess it could be seen as a way for Microsoft to undermine Apple's effort to push B-R onto the Mac community by providing them with a cheaper alternative,though.

fjtorres4331d ago

OSX has the drivers already.
Apple may talk BD, but they covered their rear in supporting HD-DVD.
Not that it matters since the Mac has no HD or BD playing app, so far...

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4331d ago

have the HD-DVD player and it looks /works perfectly in 720p or 1080i through component cables. Who needs 1080p?

Mikey_Gee4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

I love having 1080p on a 67" screen. 50" or smaller from more than 8 feet away, you will not see the differnce between 1080p or 1080i. But at 10ft from my 67" ... the 1080p is a must have.

I am sorry, but I have went back and forth on my HD Sat box between a good set of Component cable and a nice HDMI cable. To be honest ... the diffences were MINIMAL at best.

The main reason HDMI is being pushed is to CONTROL copy restrictions. My HD-DVD player running to my 67" 1080p Samsung HD set will blow your mind .... NO DOUBT !!!!

If nothing else, if you use the VGA to your 1080p TV you will not only get all the 1080p goodness from the HD-DVD stuff, but your 480p regular DVD's are now UPSCALLED to 1080p (1080i if you use component)

Even at $200, you also get a $35 HD-DVD Movie with it (king kong) and the large media remote which is also $30 to buy on its own.

$200 for a HD-DVD player, DVD upscaller, free HD Movie and large media remote ... WELL WORTH the price.