1UP Interviews Microsoft's Shane Kim

Today 1UP sat down with Shane Kim, Microsoft Game Studios' -- brace yourself -- corporate vice president of strategy and business development, for Microsoft's interactive entertainment business, with a late-interview appearance from Phil Spencer, the new head of Microsoft Game Studios. They talked about Microsoft's surprisingly strong E3 press conference, the competition, Final Fantasy XIII, Too Human, and how the Xbox 360 is ready to slug it out to the finish line. Get ready for some revealing insights from the man in the Xbox 360's driver's seat.

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Silogon3746d ago

1st things 1st, Sony never said exclusives weren't important they said 3rd party exclusives weren't important because they're always going to be multiplatform 97% of the time. I don't see Microsoft getting any of these games exclusive either so neither has a leg up with 3rd parties if you ask me.