Rumor: Nintendo to unveil new game tonight

The latest internet rumor mill suggests that Nintendo may well unveil a new game during a private conference at E3 2008.

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Blackmoses3744d ago

LOL!!! no, no, no
I kid I kid, I kid...


Durffen3744d ago

Miyamoto has been talking a lot about a new Zelda.

King Neptune1173744d ago

really hope its a new zelda. i am such a big zelda fan. i am bassicaly ubsessed with the franchise. The main character is so cool.

KnowitAll3744d ago

If anyone remembers brawl was realeased the same way

a "secret conference" with "secret people" and "spacial brownies" ahem I mean secret brownies.

infinate3744d ago

Probably a new Zelda game.

solidjun53744d ago

or it could be "Wii drive on sundays". A fantastic interactive game for the elderly who yearn for the experience of driving again even though they may not be able to do it in real life.

solidsnakus3744d ago

LOL. yea... im shure there gonna anounce a new game 3 days after E3.

Intrepid3744d ago

Their Keynote was Yesterday. E3 lasts all week.

By the way, Brawl was announced the day after their Keynote.

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The story is too old to be commented.