Gamespot: E3 08 Bayonetta Impressions

Gamespot: "Bayonetta is an upcoming action game for the PS3 and 360 which features a witch protagonist taking on strange versions of angels in a modern day setting. Our first look at a preview build of the game today showed that it has many similarities in style and substance to the Devil May Cry series, which is probably no surprise considering the director of Bayonetta is Hideki Kamiya, the brains behind the very first DMC game.

Think DMC with a female instead of Dante or Nero and you're a long way towards understanding Bayonetta. The game's main character is the witch Bayonetta, a quite attractive sort who dresses in tight leather and has long black hair. She also packs some serious firepower, having twin pistols as well as guns built into her shoes. The level demoed to GameSpot at E3 08 began with the title character running through what looked like a gothic building before heading outside into a large courtyard area with a big central fountain. A quick cut scene then jumped in, showing several goblin-like creatures--but with angel wings and adorned with halos--swooping onto the courtyard."

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