IGN: E3 '08: Valkyria Chronicles Hands-On

Although IGN can't make any absolute statements about Valkyria Chronicles, having only played a few missions out of what should be a very vast game, IGN will say that they are even more excited about the title than ever before. IGN had the chance to go hands-on with SEGA's upcoming strategy RPG today and they were extremely impressed. IGN think RPG fans should keep this title in mind, especially after the recent exclusivity loss that came from Final Fantasy XIII going cross-platform. This could be the exclusive RPG PS3 owners really love.

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Vino3744d ago

Looking forward to this game.

Baba19063744d ago

i want this. please bringt it to europe fast.

Alexander Roy3744d ago

Seconded and signed. PS2 was THE home of RPGs, let's hope they can claim that spot again this generation.

facepalm3744d ago

I love strategy SRPGs like Disgaea and Final Fantasy: Tactics, and so far this game looks to put a nice spin on the genre.

^-^ The visuals are also pretty impressive...