"Optical HD Battle May Be Over: HD-DVD Wins"

Rob Enderle from Digital Trends comments in a new article on why he has gone from believing back in August 2005 that Blu-ray would win to now concluding that the only possible winner is HD-DVD. Why Blu-ray is now only in a position to ensure both platforms lose.

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MicroGamer4359d ago

This is the second time I have seen a possible recall of PS3's mentioned in the media. What do these guys know that we don't??

shikwan4358d ago

It's pretty obvious when Sony ships PS3 Kiosks to stores with a built-in industrial stregnth fan attached.

Tut4358d ago

Nothing, unfortunately. It is all useless banter, the same that will appear in this thread soon.

The sad part of this article is it doesn't even seem that he looked at both sides of this. It is so apparent that he was just doing a research paper from random sources. He manipulated a lot of information in that and I find it kind of pathetic that he can't even perform an honest analysis. Probabaly his biggest error was saying that DIsney supports HD-DVD. Yeah, that is true but they produce the same exact material for Blu-Ray. They share that company's products and not one of them has exclusive rights.

I am not defending Blu-ray, just expressing my disgust for dishonest, propagandist reporterwhores like this. I guess if you can easily manipulate then you should, right?

nambo4358d ago

tut, stop attacking every person that doesn't support Sony. Read the article again and you'll see that he states that Disney is the the BR camp. If you find this report so dishonest, please explain what is so dishonest about it.

andy capps4358d ago

I agree, I've also seen some mainstream news articles mentioned rampant overheating in PS3's, and I haven't seen that anywhere online. I've seen people mention some problems with hard drives or stuff like that, but no "rampant problems". If you're like me, then you've got the extended warranty anyway.

HD-DVD winning? I just don't see that happening. I mean, I guess it could, but I don't see how. Apple and Dell are going to start rolling out their new computers with the Blu-ray drives, I'm sure. Better codecs are being supported by the new Blu-ray discs, and image quality is said to be on par with HD-DVD (finally). Once all the PS3's on Ebay are sold to actual gamers, we'll start seeing game software tie ratios and Blu-ray sales picking up. Personally, the only reason why I've thought about getting some Blu-ray movies is because I've ordered my PS3 yesterday and it's supposed to be on it's way from Gamestop. So, I would say that PS3 is driving sales of Blu-ray discs, at least for me. I think that there will be other gamers out there in the same boat, which has to have an effect on the format war.

power of Green 4358d ago (Edited 4358d ago )

Useless banter will apear in this thread soon, too late. The sad part is you always twisting things and seem to think you know more than anybody who says somthing against Sony.

Tut4358d ago

Jesus, you guys are incredible. I rarely post on this site yet I attack everyone that opposes the PS3.

power you are always one to chime in and use every last bubble on every popular post, so why run your mouth even more?

You guys are seriously incredible. I hope you are pre-teen because the idea of adults or even young adults thinking and acting like you is just scary.

power of Green 4358d ago (Edited 4358d ago )

pre-teen or young adult is what came to mind when i posted but i decided to leave it out.

What's scary is how personal people such as yourselfs takes news that doesn't look good for Sony.

People get on you because the only time you post is to jump on somebody if their opinions differ, do you see how you post child-like comments like the first part of your #1.2 post.

Tut4358d ago

I resign from this idiotic battle. Keep playing with yourself, junior.

power of Green 4358d ago

Quote: It is all useless banter, the same that will appear in this thread soon...

You seem to say that everybodies opinions are garbage you have just insulted folks on this site the first chance you got, that my friend is childish grow up man and stop wondering why people get on your case. Never had the idiotic battle just talk from an idiot.

andy capps4358d ago

Darx- What are you sorry about?

dantesparda4358d ago

Power of Queens is a hypocrit who thinks he is so mature and not a fanboy, yet he attacks and gets bent of shape everytime somebody isnt praising his beloved 360. He wants to talk about childish, notice how excited he gets when he's praising the 360. The dude is just a delusional mofo. And a complete and utter douchebag too. Watch he'll just reply back by calling me childish, or tell me not to ever reply to him again, or something b!tchy and childish like that.

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Sphinx4358d ago

I wonder what will happen to conclude the winner. I mean, HD-DVD is cheaper and visually better (from what I've heard)... but what needs to happen to make a winner a concrete thing.

farside414358d ago

Both formats will fail.

shikwan4358d ago

Digital downloads plus hardware such as 360, Media Center PCs, iTV, video iPODs, Gigabeat and Zune-where you can buy/download movies and watch them thru your HDTV set or take them on the go with you.

Blu Ray was dead before it was born and HD-DVD is just a temp solution until Digital Downloads is fully locked and loaded.

nambo4358d ago (Edited 4358d ago )

I agree with the author here, HD-DVD will become the next format. I don't think the extra storage BR offers will matter all that much as most reviews have stated, HD-DVD movies have as good or better in some cases picture quality. Although digital downloads will come, I think 15-20 GB is a bit too much for current connections.

dantesparda4358d ago

Downloading that big of a file even with 15 gigabit connections would take forever. And also do i really wanna waste 15-45 gigabytes of space to one movie on my HD? then they better let me be able to burn it on to a disc. Then again its not like the hackers wont find a way to do that anyway.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4358d ago

Oh well :-) atleast they tried.........

Monchichi0254358d ago

I'm actually now starting to feel sorry for Sony. I really am =(