GTA V PC Benchmarks At 4K Resolution, GTX Titan X v/s R9 295X2

In this quick-review, we put Grand Theft Auto V PC through today's performance-segment, high-end, and enthusiast-grade graphics setups.

In these benchmarks, we have enthusiast-segment (build under $2000) GPUs such as the GTX Titan X and R9 295X2 slugging it out against each other.

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decrypt1341d ago

Titan X is better any day as the 295x would fall completely flat on its face if crossfire optimization is not good, Titan X of course is a single GPU hence needs no such optimization to perform. Also @4k the 12GB VRAM on the Titan X is amazing.

bunt-custardly1341d ago

Except the benchmark results prove the complete opposite of what you have posted Decrypt as far as GTA V is concerned. This article is about GTA V so to mention bad optimization for other games is moot.

You sound like an insecure Nvidia fanboy tbh also the R9 295x2 can be purchased for almost half the cost of the Titan X.

Mega241341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

Everyone at the Nvidia camp (well most of Us) know that the Titan is nothing but glitz and glamour, I'd prefer 2 GTX 980 on sli then a Titan any day. AMD has mantle going for them, so Nvidia needs to step it up.

Volkama1341d ago

What is really interesting about these results is that the Titan X hammers the 295 at lower resolutions, but the tables turn as the pixels rise.

It looks like the TitanX is the stronger card, but the memory bus is still going to hamper it at 4k.

Suspect 2 or 3 8GB 290X cards will be the smart choice for sheer brute force 4K gaming, if you can tame the heat and noise.

The 390 series could make for some impressive bar charts.

FPSFox1341d ago

I think he's saying since the Titan is a single card, it would be better for SLI because quad cards almost always suck except in synthetic benches

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Agent_hitman1341d ago

I would prefer a videocard less expensive than Titan X as long as it can run GTA V. Besides we won't be needing a thousand dollar graphics card just to run games. Makes no sense at all

--bienio--1341d ago

Im happy with my gtx970,i might get another for Sli later this year but for at the moment im fine:) everything on Ultra:)

ironmonkey1341d ago

3.5 missing the other half not a buy for me.