Sensitive Wii maker snubs developers

Nintendo may have announced a new enhancement to the Wii controller, but don't expect many titles to take advantage of the new accuracy.

Many in the development community only found out about the Wii MotionPlus yesterday - the same time as the rest of us.

Developers normally expect to get early access to peripherals, so they can quickly create new games to take advantage of the new hardware, but this time Nintendo seems to have kept the details to themselves, leaving at least some games developers wondering if success may be leading to a little arrogance from the Japanese giant.

The Wii MotionPlus improves the accuracy of location tracking in the Wii controller which, while revolutionary, has long been a source of annoyance to developers who quickly discovered the restrictions they would be required to work around.

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linkmaster953750d ago

The games can't use Wii moyion plus until it's released in 2009!

dragunrising3750d ago

Exclude business partners and leave them out of the loop. I wonder why third parties always implement key first party "innovations" 6 months later than Nintendo. Greed is the bane of human existence. Thanks for showing me a little Big N. Oh, and keep Reggie on a leash...with a muzzle, shock collar, and microchip ID.

Silver3603750d ago

on MS and Sony both rumored to have motion controllers in development. Nintendo not worry my #%$. They know their success in built on the controller and the price. once MS and Sony get Motion controllers where does that leave the wii. Price can always be cut but value cannot be added to the wii without those wacky peripherals

Baka-akaB3750d ago

It's quite obvious it would be like that imo . Just look at the clone wars lightsaber game , waving precisely lightsabers is something people screamed for from the very beginning of the Wii . Star wars finally arrives , but it's one more action game without accurate sword moves reproduction .

crck3750d ago

Its Nintendo. They don't give a crud about 3rd parties. Why do you think everyone was so happy to jump ship to the Playstation back in 1995.

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