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Current Themes Shown on New Xbox Live Update

Microsoft has addressed concerns about how themes purchased previously through the Xbox Live Marketplace will look with the new update and released some concept shots of current themes in place.

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Wrong source
Taken from Major Nelson. Should have alt sourced it at least
Mike Bowden3842d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
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u got owned3842d ago

Now this looks pretty cool. I like it, looks better with the new update, with the one now you cant really see the background with all the stuff it has in front. I'm getting excited about this new upgrade. Cool Stuff.

iHEARTboobs3842d ago

It looked too plain before but this looks cool.

xhairs93841d ago

Looks like Playstation.

player9113841d ago

At first I wasn't really digging the new layout much. The existing method works great.

But after seeing the video and some of the newer themes I'm really starting to get into it.

It has most of a "Windows Media Center" feel to it... and why shouldn't it. The Xbox 360 is a perfect example of a Windows Media Center box. It does everything.

You can easily replace all your set top boxes with a single 360 console, with the exception of my surround sound unit.

celticlonewolf3842d ago

This answers my early question some where els on n4g.

DarkSniper3842d ago

Microsoft's new Xbox update looks to be very bland in comparison to what Dark Sniper has on his PLAYSTATION®3. Once again, Microsoft follows suit to being imitators and not innovators. With their pale showing at E3, expect Sony to Xross out Xbox 360 as another one of their victims.

Nintendo 64
Sega Saturn
[Xbox 360]


ry-guy3842d ago

And how is that trophy support?

Inovative, is it?

doshey3842d ago

yep because in trophies u dont get points for doing something and its a trophy not some letters that say u have unlocked something so ya it is inovative

Shroomy3842d ago

Darksniper you still alive man? I was certain you died after FF13 was announced for Xbox 360!

Glad to see you haven't changed a bit! :)

On topic: I was pretty confident you could change the backgrounds, and this confirms it. So alls cool, 360 win!

xhairs93841d ago

It's one thing we possibly "imitated" what did microsoft bring to e3 that was innovative? oh, nothing. Just pure imitation on every item they discussed.

Have fun BUYING your themes while we get free themes and have the ability to make our own themes. I definitely don't see M$ allowing you to make your own themes, just like the lack of 3rd party accessories...laugh.

captainjy3841d ago

Sniper, go play in traffic or something more useful than your ridiculous whining. The current blades on Live dash are already better looking than your Commodore 64-looking POSN. The new Live Experience is even nicer looking than the blades. What a tool.

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Omega43842d ago

its good to see that this update is backward compatiable unlike some *cough* trophies *cough*

Fishy Fingers3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

Your talking about a small file Vs actually game code that requires the developers input. You understand what a foolish comparison you just made right? o_O

littletad3842d ago

But why are you on here reading a 360 news piece? Don't you bash enough 360 news yourself? Ironic isn't it?

xhairs93841d ago

You do realize that it's up to the developer to make trophies retroactive? Warhawk has 5 retro-trophies, guess that blew your comment away right?

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