GTA 5 PC Errors, Issues And Fixes Guide

"We cover all currently known fixes, including for issues with game installation."

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jriquelme_paraguay3323d ago

PC Master Race...
this is why i bought a console and almost not play anymore on my GT70

sugawalls3323d ago

"This is why i bought a Console"..

With dated hardware. Lackluster exclusive titles. Poor performance. No headroom for future proofing. Jaggies. Online charges for multiplayer that shouldn't exist. Limited features. More jaggies. Even more jaggies. Sony. Horrible 3rd party peripherals. Did i mention. 30fps?

Sony. Sony again. Basic extortion from Sony and MS.

Theres lots more.

Maul_T_Pass3323d ago

They hate us cause they anus...

fr0sty3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Lackluster exclusives... Did I seriously hear a PC guy try to say consoles lack the exclusives? Go look up the highest reviewed exclusive games of all time. How many of those are on PC?

Also, why do you need headroom for future proofing when you only paid $400 for the box to begin with? You do realize "future proofing" for PC means a $400-1000 GPU alone, and then you'll probably want to upgrade that CPU and RAM while you're at it.

Cost. Ease of use. Convenience. Consoles do all the things that most gamers want much quicker, easier, and cheaper. Just like there are some gamers who don't care about the difference from 900p to 1080p, there are just as many who don't care about spending double to reduce jaggies or improve texture resolution. Most of them don't have 4k TVs to enjoy any resolution boost above 1080p, and 30fps extra isn't worth $800 extra. Not to mention, with software improvements over time, and developers being able to custom tailor their games to run on a specific hardware configuration, the systems do a respectable job with keeping up with the more powerful hardware out there.

So, by the time you finish fumbling with drivers, waiting for the patch that enables the game to run right on your brand of video card, figuring out why the game won't let you install it because your username had the wrong character in it, etc... I will have already played through the game.

Neither side is the "right" way to go about it. One side just gets on with it and plays the damn game, the other demands perfection in their games with the best available hardware, and sometimes, they get it. Others, not so much.

One side can't fault the other for wanting the best version, the other side can't fault the one for not wanting to bother with all that headache just to play a damn video game.


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The GTA 5 Agent Trevor DLC episode could have been a real treat for fans on PlayStation and Xbox, before it was scrubbed sometime before 2017.

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Killer2020UK27d ago

More interested in money than giving fans what they want. Such a shame

CrimsonWing6927d ago

With the amount of money they generated, I just don’t understand the scrubbing of this. It would’ve been fantastic for fans.

Profchaos27d ago

I really want to know who drove the decision to focus on multiplayer was it Rockstar or take two.

Because when online started taking off many of the studio leads began having falling outs and leading including a founder

Demetrius26d ago

Ikr mfs that greedy it's ridiculous

andy8527d ago

This makes me sad. Trevor was one of my favourite characters in gaming

Demetrius26d ago

One of the reason I believe once gta 6 release, most of us thoroughly play it, enjoy the world they crafted then after that no offline support, no dlc at all

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