Splinter Cell: Blacklist – Back in Black

"Splinter Cell: Blacklist is not the compromised shoot-fest disaster than many had anticipated. In actuality it’s a great addition to the series and an improvement over Conviction. "

The Marb from Gameondaily looks back at Splinter Cell: Blacklist

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Yi-Long1286d ago

I loved the game. It gave you options to just play around in these levels, so if you wanted to go all stealth, you could, and if you wanted to mix it up you could, and of you wanted to use all kinds of gimmicks, you could.

It were all separate little playgrounds you could play over and over again in different ways. It had smooth well-responding gameplay, good graphics, a nice story, enough content when it came to different outfits and weapons and such, no DLC-milking, etc etc.

Just a very enjoyable good game.

Septic1286d ago

Surprising to know really. I pretty much wrote this off based on the masses of e-hate but mostly because of my backlog.

If its better than Conviction then I'm in for a treat because I actually enjoyed that game.

Genuine-User1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

Blacklist takes all the best parts from Chaos theory and Conviction. It's a fantastic game.

Vegamyster1286d ago

It's much better then Conviction gameplay and level design wise, it gives you lots of toys no matter what play style you like. That said I'm not a big fan of the new voice actor, he sounds too young & monotone but other then that its great.

Yi-Long1286d ago

@Septic: I did the same. I wrote it off based on poor reception and mixed reviews. GamesTM only gave it a 5, saying it was a bit too easy to just blast through using all the gimmicks.

However, I picked it up when a local store sold it for only 30 euro, including the cool statue. I basically just bought it for the statue.

Decided to give the game a try anyway, and I just loved it. The criticism GamesTM gave, that it was too easy to just choose to blast your way through, I didn't see that as a negative, cause I still tried each and every time to play the levels as stealthy as I could. And when I got caught or something went wrong, I had a fighting chance to shoot my way out of trouble, but often obviously it would mean back to the checkpoint.

I really loved the original trilogy on Xbox, but I feel Blacklist is the best in the series.

Stoppokingme1286d ago

I didn't had high hopes for Blacklist but after playing it I had to eat my words.

It's the best splinter cell since chaos theory IMO.

The-Marb1286d ago

I fully agree Yi, exceeded my expectations.

Volkama1286d ago

Never played Spliter cell games really, as I just don't enjoy "stealth" in the way most games implement it.

Sounds like this might be worth a look though. Probably still looks quite reasonable on the PC too.

Shineon1286d ago

It does I just downloaded it when ubisoft had its publisher sale.I haven't played much but the graphics look great on my gtx 860m. Only gripe I have is uplay

Software_Lover1286d ago

I have had it on PC for a while. It's a good game. Reminds me of the Splinter Cell games from the OG Xbox era. I have not beat the game as of yet (backlog and work is just f'n terrible this time of year) but I will soon. The first 2 levels are classic Splinter Cell.

pivotplease1286d ago

Only complaint is the mass executions. I'm also not a fan of the slowdown in MGS5 though.

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The story is too old to be commented.