Germans show Jack Thompson "the way"

Two German states have drafted a bill which would ban all video games which allow a player to inflict "cruel violence on humans or human-looking characters". This would mean a ban in all FPS games along with almost all MMORPG's in Germany, crippling the nations gaming economy and closing many German Counter Strike teams.

Germany already has the toughest game restrictions in the world and GoW has already been banned in the country but these new laws take the ban to a whole new level. The new laws come as a consequence of an attack on a school by a Counter Strike player which ended in his suicide.

If one thing comes from this, it makes Jack Thompson look like a pussy cat!

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joemutt4361d ago

But they probably wont let you hunt for any endangered or protected animals.

BlackCountryBob4360d ago

I forgot to mention on the article, it also bans development of the "violent" games so how will this affect the development of Crysis?

Sphinx4360d ago

Viva La Revolution! If I lived in Germany I'd be going nuts.

Sidherich4360d ago

I'm all for keeping games like GoW, Rule of Rose or Mahjong from minors. Right now in germany its a little bit like porn. Its allowed to be sold if the one buying it is 18 or older. You arent allowed to show it to minors thus having public ads for it is forbidden too.

Lets constuct an example with porn. Watching porn disturbs kids into rapists. Thus porn is responsible for all the rapists here in germany. The only effective way is to ban porn in germany and prohibit the filming of porn.
So everyone owning porn would be criminal ( including politicians ).

So if politicians would play as many video games as they watch porn we wouldnt have to face the threat of a ban here in germany


Sidherich4360d ago

right now it is only possible to ban a game if it violates our laws. Most famous example is Caste Wolfenstein which would violate the restriction of showing nazi symbols (only exception for that restriction is art and documentaries).

If a game/movie/book features simply violence it is added to the index which means it can still be sold if you are 18

more on the topic here

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