NY Times: Nintendo and Sony Underwhelm at E3

NY Times: "The Japanese video game titans, Nintendo and Sony, announced wide-ranging, if not entirely breathtaking, constellations of new games and services at the E3 convention here on Tuesday, but did not appear to significantly alter their overall strategies in the fast-growing game market, as Microsoft did on Monday.

Nintendo - which is riding high on the gangbusters popularity of its DS handheld game unit and its Wii home console - continued to aim largely at children and the mainstream consumers who have adopted gaming in recent years, propelling the industry and the hobby beyond its historical base of young male players. Sony, which is finally generating some traction and excitement around its PlayStation 3 console after initial stumbles, directed most of its new offerings at more traditional gamers, as well as at movie buffs interested in the company's high-definition Blu-Ray disc format."

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LeSouteneur3962d ago

What did Microsoft do? Their biggest news was about a game going multiplatform. Unless you think a Singstar ripoff, Eyetoy ripoff, and a Mii ripoff as groundbreaking... well, I just don't know what to say to you.

The gaming GOD3962d ago

So you know where their loyalty lies.

Not trying to be mean or fanboyish. But it is true

games4fun3962d ago

i was going to type about the same thing i would also like to add that at least sony had new exclusive games we hadn't heard about, the other two didn't have anything worthwhile.

Real Gambler3962d ago

Doesn't seem to know much about gaming either. In his Microsoft article "goes mainstream", he is writing:

"Previous Final Fantasy games have been available ONLY on Sony consoles"

Yikes, it started on the Playstation as Final Fantasy VII. Everything before was a Nintendo-Famicom story.

Poor guy.

So they gave a good show and are going mainstream by copying Miis, Eye Toy, and giving us a new viva pinata. Quite creative.

callahan093962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Sony instantly won this E3 by giving us our first official look at the Video Store, then announcing AVAILABLE TONIGHT! That was great. They're the only company to give us something to be excited about IMMEDIATELY. Nintendo and Microsoft are having us play the waiting game for everything they discussed.

And I'm glad to have seen a new IP announced by Sony.

VirusE3962d ago

"What did Microsoft do? Their biggest news was about a game going multiplatform." Maybe you watched a different conference than i did but what i saw was Sony’s last 3rd party ace in the hole go poof. This is the c0ck block of the decade and 10 years from now we are not going to be talking about the cute LBP footage was or how cool gears 2 looked, we are going to be talking about FF getting stripped from Sony. The same Sony who financially helped out square when "The spirits within" became the largest financial bomb in the history of film making. Fanboys want to discredit this but 360 gamers and neutral gamers all seem to agree upon the impact this has on Sony. If you add up all the people who own only a 360 and then add that number to the number of people who own both a 360 and PS3 you PS only owners are vastly out numbered. EVERYONE outside of the fanboys is in agreement over the mass ownage that went down from ff13 going multi. I can post hundreds of thousands of post on this site alone talking about FF13 making the ps3 the defacto gaming machine. Reality was crushed for fanboys at this E3 and this E3 will live in infamy for many years because of it. All the shows sucked but MS was the only company to piss 4 gallons of post binge drinking urine in someone else’s cereal. If I asked you PS only owners what you thought of the mistwalker games going against FF13 you would have laughed and said the only place to play real RPGs is on a Sony system and to be honest I would have 100% agreed. I bought my PS3 for ff13, gt5, r1, DMC4, gta 4 and MGS4, so far 3 of those games I bought my PS3 for are now 360 games.

thebudgetgamer3962d ago

that was microsofts big news and the avatars can you do stuff with them or do they just stand there

SaiyanFury3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

I think they're just going to do what they always do. They say one thing to appeal to a more casual audience then shift their focus almost entirely back to the hardcore crowd. The Red Bull chugging, foaming at the mouth, FPS crowd. Like earlier this year when Shane Kim was sounding off all of MS's major titles this year and didn't even bother mentioning Banzo-Kazooie - Nuts and Bolts. The main money that M$ makes is on the hardcore side of the system. Casual gamers are flocking to the Wii and Nintendo's E3 proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt. I'll stick with Sony since they have a proven track record of delivering to everybody.

On a side note, I watched all of the press events. Microsoft was the only company that was chest thumping and attacking Sony. While he was on-stage, Jack Tretton (SCEA big wig) never once even mentioned the name of the competition. Microsoft's Don Mattrick said, and I quote, "Xbox 360 WILL sell more units worldwide that PlayStation 3."

Is this guy so insecure that he has to start openly making statements about the competition? I praise Sony's press conference for not starting fanboy flame-wars and remaining focused on it's own products rather that spewing anti-MS comments.

BulletToothtony3962d ago

Honestly... CNet, NY Times, 1Up, MSNBC, and G4TV, all these sites that are linked to MS to nothing but put competition down, always with articles like why Apple sucks, and Sony this and nintendo is not a competitor....

They should really invest in creativity instead imo.

GarandShooter3962d ago

'Fanboys want to discredit this but 360 gamers and neutral gamers all seem to agree upon the impact this has on Sony'

So if someone disagrees, they must be fanboys, and can't be neutral.
...and 360 gamers aren't fanboys? Please...

Sony maintained exclusivity in Japan where FF sales are the highest. If they let this slip away elsewhere, I am sure it was a calculated risk. I'd bet PS3 fans of the game are going to buy it on the PS3. I don't see FFXIII as a great system seller, sure it may move some units, but it's not going to move millions. I personally don't know anyone who was holding out on buying a PS3 to wait for an FF release. So, now here's the tricky part, but try to keep up. It could be a win-win for SE and Sony. Sony sells as many units of the game (or close to it) as they would have to their install base, losing virtually nothing (and not dumping wads of cash to maintain worldwide exclusivity). SE on the otherhand sells games to all the X-onlys who are too cheap, prejudiced, or stupid to buy a PS3 (I own both the 360 and PS3) or can't whine hard enough for mommy and daddy to buy them one, so SE makes more money selling to these nice folks.

All the stupid chest-thumping that happens between fanboys on this site is many things, but a model to run a company by it isn't.

HateFanboys3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Must be a pack of 360 (or MS) fanboys, cuz anybody who thinks that MS conference wasn't lame as sh1t is a complete and utter fanboy, the only saving grace was the FFXIII announcement. And guess what? I dont care about FFXIII, so it wasnt a big deal for me. This only bad news for Sony and its fanboys, but otherwise, MS conference was weak and Sony's was better.

RemmM3962d ago

Ofcourse Americans would choose their home system.

jaysquared3962d ago

"Sony instantly won this E3 by giving us our first official look at the Video Store, then announcing AVAILABLE TONIGHT! That was great. They're the only company to give us something to be excited about IMMEDIATELY. Nintendo and Microsoft are having us play the waiting game for everything they discussed."

Just like how sony delivered Home, LBP, Killzone immediately right? haha that was an ignorant comment.. The video store has probably been ready for a couple months but they wanted to wait till e3.. There was speculations that it was gonna come out last month when they updated PSN.

callahan093962d ago

It was not ignorant. It was factual. I was talking about THIS e3, and this e3 alone. Did they announce it and then make it available that same night? Yes, they did.

DaTruth3962d ago

360 fanboys think to much of FF13 going multi. Haven't played this game since it didn't have a number on the end. This game sells mostly in Japan and I seriously doubt they will buy a 360 than wait 1 year for the American version. If they have a 360, they will buy a ps3 and get the Japanese version. This will sell less than Halo in japan.

Bubble Buddy3962d ago

Sony and Microsoft kind of tied in E3 in my opinion. They both showed some great news but Nintendo's was garb!tch.

outlawlife3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

people are missing microsofts big news

the big news is the netflix partnership...thats gigantic

it has nothing to do with final fantasy, or avatars
its the fact that 2 huge companies are working together

the amount of content that you will be able to pull through your xbox is going to get insane

xhairs93962d ago

E3 isn't about boasting how you stole someones exclusive, not to mention M$ only took half of it, and we still get it plus the other half exclusively.

It's not about being fanboy which you truly showed your colors in that last post. It's the fact that Sony showed off more technology, more games, and more innovation and more everything. Microsoft showed off the same 3 games we've continuously been hearing about, showed off the infamous Mii err excuse me Avatars. Showed off the rip from Apple/iTunes. And boasted about how they got a multiplatform game.

Would it have been the same had Sony gotten Halo? No, because Halo is a drag. Halo is a 360 exclusive but for it to become a multiplatform game is nothing huge -- simply put -- we don't care about multiplatform games, we care about exclusives. Let the reality sink into your brain: You got FFXIII -- we got FFXIII + FFXIII Versus. How about that for some "MASSIVE EGG BOMB PWNAGEZZZZ".

If anything you should feel ripped apart by Microsoft knowing that if FFXIII does turn out to be a truly amazing KICK ASS game: you're going to have to buy a PS3 to get the other half.

Amsterdaam3961d ago

At this point in the US with the economy like it is, Americans SHOULD support their home console.

Also, Playstation's showing was ill-contrived. They actually mentioned that we will have to wait longer for home during a keynote that is supposed to get people excited. The movie store is like the 360 store when it first came out a long time ago, and Sony isn't even supplying it to their homeland!

The Nintendo showing was just as bad. The only cool thing shown was the snowboarding game. Wii music? Seriously? I'm gonna play "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?" Right.

At least Microsoft's presser was what it shoudl have been: Show the games that will be a hit this year, unveil a big change to the system, and make the system more affordable for late adopters.

Before the harsh judgment arrives, as I have stated many times before, I am a PSWii60 owner. I have them all and I want all of them to be successful, I'm not jaded like the militant fanboy clowns.

HateBoy3961d ago

Am I the only one underwhelmed by all three? Sure the FFXIII was a shocker, but other than that I find myself pretty bored with this years E3. Nothing really awesome or surprising coming from any of them...

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dktxx23962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

How did sony underwhelm? They have the best 2008 lineup, God of War 3 was announced, 256 online first person shooter, and a video service that sony delivered quickly and masterfully. MS showed Two multiplatform games, both heading to the ps3, only two exclusives for a minute each, blatant mii ripoff, and some stupid casual crap that nobody who owns that system wants or is probably gonna use. Oh wait, it must of been FF13. A mediocre conference is somehow amazing with a multiplatform game announcement, and its not even going to the place where xbox needs it.

Nitrowolf23962d ago

sweet this game will be incredible, and massive. Hopefully the levels are enourmouse

BrotherNick3962d ago

I hope you get your game 2 years from now.

dktxx23962d ago

The waits gonna be easy with Motorstorm 2 and Resistance 2 for 2008, and God of War 3 and Killzone 2 for 2009

DaTruth3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Not to mention that after their official show they had ten mini shows with exclusives from their many development studios. Killzone multi-player footage won on it's own.

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cr33ping_death3962d ago

im in L.A dont give a rats @ss what the ny times has to say, and what E3 were they watching?

PoSTedUP3962d ago

im in NY and i can honestly say that Ny Times should stay far away from the video game industry.

and i agree with The Gaming GOD. hes said it the best.

zapass3962d ago

nytimes: a reference in the gaming industry, just like foxnews

hunter213962d ago

actually the big announcement that MS did just the FF13 will go multiplatform and there new dashboard thats it and the rest are just like "yeah i know that already"

Real Gambler3962d ago

It was long overdue and quite expected.

LiquifiedArt3962d ago

What about the "OTHER" company? Microsoft. They underwhelmed as well. If yoru calling several NEW IPs a Huge Blockbuster sequel (GOW3) and a video download service UNDERWHELMING wtf is OVERWHELMING?

Figboy3962d ago

derivatives of Playstation and Nintendo ideas, and a bunch of multi-platform games...