New info next Zelda game unveiled?

Shigeru Miyamoto has unveiled some new information about Zelda II in an interview, and confirmed that the game will be coming to the Wii. We can probably expect a load of Wii - DS functionalities and maybe even a FPS-mode...

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Vertius3963d ago


Zelda II was released 20 years ago!

GodsHand3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Don't forget re-released on the Gamecube.

I don't own a Wii, but maybe someday.

linkmaster953963d ago

Zelda II is what they called Zelda: tp before calling it tp.

Mystery_Person3963d ago

I don't own a Wii but I like zelda. Hope you guys have fun with it.

Reibooi3963d ago

If another Zelda is indeed coming to the Wii that's great news. Too bad they didn't have much mention about it in the press conference which seemed to be a big screw you to the hardcore crowd. It's sad that we still haven't seen or heard about alot of the good games. Star Fox could be interesting with Wii, Pikmin 3 is something that really needs to come out, Another F-Zero would be awesome as well yet we have heard nothing.

jtucker783963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

For me a new Zelda coming to the Wii wouldn't not be good news.

I'm a Nintendo fan that has jumped to Sony for the time being.

I say create a decent Zelda for the next Nintendo. Hopefully one with middle to decent hardware and I'll jump back to Nintendo again.

I don't think the Wii has the graphical horsepower to create a Zelda for this generation.

Any Zelda that comes out on the Wii will just look laughable compared to other RPGs of this generation i.e. Oblivion, Final Fantasy and Fallout.

I'm sure it will be good. All Zeldas are, but it won't be as good as it could be.

Save it for the Wii2

linkmaster953963d ago

Twilight Princess graphics were great, and it was released alongside the Wii, before Nintendo even had a chance to push the Wii's graphical power. The one flaw in Twilight Princess was the controls. This new Zelda will probably have similar graphics to Twilight Princess, but it will have 1:1 swordplay.

I'm personally hoping for a direct sequel to TP. What about the Twilight realm?

ChickeyCantor3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )


TP did not justify a Zelda game for the Wii, it was a GCN port with a Wii-mote scheme.

I'm glad they are making one and i hope they use the Motion plus.

edit:"I'm sure it will be good. All Zeldas are, but it won't be as good as it could be"

dude you logic fails HARD, this zelda game wont be the last.
Why wont here be a nother Zelda game after this one?


you got it all wrong, Nintendo developed TP for the GCN. Because the Wii was about to come out to the public, they decided to work on it for another year.So they can make the control scheme optimized for the Wii. They didn't build TP with the Wii in mind it was originally meant for the GCN.

linkmaster953963d ago

that was exactly my point. If anything, the seccond Zelda on the Wii will be better than TP was. Especially with Wii Motin Plus! I was, however, quite dissapointed when Nintendo lacked mention of Zelda @ the press conference.

bigjclassic3963d ago

Miyamoto basicaly confirmed Mario galaxy2, Zelda Wii, and Pikmin 3 last night. goto:

They should've announced this durig the conference though. tbh

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Voiceofreason3963d ago

Wii isnt powerful enough for a Zelda? And they let that kind of Fanboy statements stay on the front page. Please.. That kid wouldnt know a quality title if it bit him in the ass. You jumped to Sony 3 gens ago, not this one.

Nevers3963d ago

Cuz I felt Nintendo wasn't catering to my needs as a hardcore gamer... but I feel I must add as a long time Zelda/Nintendo fan,that this new Zelda should proly have some voice acting in it if I'm gonna consider it to be "next gen". I was very disappointed to have to read text still this far in the current console generation.

ChickeyCantor3963d ago

" that this new Zelda should proly have some voice acting in it if I'm gonna consider it to be "next gen". "

No thanks...=/ that would kill Zelda franchise for sure.

darkdoom30003963d ago

Well, final fantasy did it.
i mean, i cant remember any other game that still uses text speech.

voices would be cool.

it would be funny(yet lame) if link got a taking sword. and the sword talked through the wiimotes speakers. would be interesting...

wonder if they are going to use that motion plus thingy..

Nevers3962d ago

has not spoke yet. If the devs do it right I'm sure they could still make him the silent hero. I think that is the way Link should be but not everyone else in the game. IMHO games should move past txt based speech. Yes, this can lead to some really horrible voice-acting moments (ie-2Worlds) But I'm tired of hitting the button constantly to make the txt scroll. Or having to get up and walk to the screen to get a closer view of some critical info that was chosen to be put into a tiny font in an absurdly weird color.

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