E3: Wii Game Release Schedule for 2008

US, July 15, 2008 - As part of Nintendo's E3 announcements following the Tuesday morning Media Briefing, the company has released the following list of Wii games set to arrive on the system throughout the next calendar year. Though not a complete list and though the release dates listed are certainly subject to change, the rundown should give you a good idea of what's hitting Wii, and when. Check it out!

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Aclay3964d ago

Wow... look at all that shovelware.

ArtisianDragon3964d ago

kind of list is this? most of these games are going to be multi-plat anyway, only a few sound or appeared appealing like ToS: Dawn of the New world (if your into those games) Otherwise, I'm saddened to say this may not be the best time to own a Wii for players looking for more substance in there games.

And this is coming from a Wii owner. So I guess it's back to looking at the PS3 for support...

matpoo3963d ago

most of those games are not worth mentioning to the world