E3: New Galaxy, Pikmin and DS Mario Coming?

US, July 15, 2008 - At the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2008, we made it our mission to bombard Nintendo producer Shigeru Miyamoto with nearly unanswerable questions about possible games in development -- because, frankly, that's how we roll. Although he politely explained that he could not announce new products to us, we would not relent and we did come away with a few not-so-vague hints about projects underway. Namely, a new Pikmin title for Wii, a sequel to Mario Galaxy and a DS sequel to New Super Mario Bros.

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Silogon3962d ago

I'm sure nintentoy has to see what Insomniac is doing before they release another Mario game for the wii.

Nitrowolf23962d ago

i think nintendo need to make a new character up
im getting tired of all these game they got with the same guys and everything.
i woultn't mind another zelda game though

chanmasta3962d ago

I agree with Nitrowolf2, I do like the Mario games and Wii Sports/Music etc. But I do think they should come up with a new franchise, like a great story, like Konami has done with Metal Gear Solid, Microsoft with Halo. I think Nintendo should produce 3 or 4 games that follow up from each other and all connect into one big story. The story has to be very interesting like Halo and MGS (I think MGS has best story ever appeared in a game to date!). A hardcore, story-driven, intense series of games will surely please fans!

Anyone agree?

ape0073962d ago

starfox wii

a worth successor to the legendary n64 game

that what I want

AliC3962d ago

But they haven't released Super Mario CSI investigations Battle Brawl :O

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