GameZone: Wii Sports Resort E3 2008 Preview

When Nintendo announced their obscurely named "Wii MotionPlus," GameZone wasn't sure it'd be worth it. The idea of attaching something to the bottom of your Wii remote -- even something small and lightweight -- seemed about as appealing as Sega CD: it was a nice concept, but who really uses it?

Wii MotionPlus, however, makes the standard Wii controls obsolete. To be honest, this is exactly what the Wii remote should have been in the first place. Once attached, you get one-to-one control with every game designed for the MotionPlus. Thus far that lineup is limited to just one game, which the MotionPlus will be packed with: Wii Sports Resort. Only three of its mini-games were shown, and all were pretty cool. Two of the three, however, were downright impressive.

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