GameZone: Infamous E3 2008 Preview

For years Sucker Punch Studios was known as the development team behind Sly Cooper, the successful video-game franchise that appeared on SCEA's PlayStation console. Well, get ready for a marked change as the next project the studio is working on is a far cry from the world of the raccoon thief. INFAMOUS is a story about a superhero, but one on the cusp of becoming a hero. Of course, players can take the character the other way and create an anti-hero instead.

The title, developed for the PS3 and slated for release in the Spring of 2009, was shown at E3 in Los Angeles.

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Silogon3960d ago

What a yawner. I'm so sick of seeing end of the world, chaotic situations in drab settings. The character is lame, the clothes he wears are lame and what's even more lame is the fact he's a "wait for it" URBAN EXPLORER. ahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahaha what the fak is that? ahhahahahahahahaahah

how original can you get? this game is getting nothing more than a 6 and will sell 200,000 copies world wide. Sucker Punch, your calling is bright, tight controlled, fun and inspirational games with colorful characters. This isn't you.

I'm also sick of the trend everything has to be dark and mature to be good. Mario, Ratchet, Sly, Sonic all those games are amazing and untethered into days society still and were and are at their best when they remain grounded in their roots.

LastDance3960d ago

Hmmmmm..... sounds like the whole moral side of it is going to be shallow like GTA4. If you force these things they just dont work.

Take Shadow of the colossus for example...Major moral choices but the game never really tells you this....even after completion you still wonder what the true intentions of those beasts were.

GTA is you want to let some insignificant Pixel exist or not?...make your decision get in a car and run over a few pedestrians for fun....

Aside from that, is there even a storyline?

whats with this obsession with ppl not wanting storyline??? awesome well run around a lifeless city and make moral choices coz its more fun then being told a story like reading a book(god forbid).