Ubisoft reveals new GT Pro Series screenshots for Nintendo Wii

Today Ubisoft revealed some new images of their Wii racing game GT Pro Series. There are four new shots for you to look at.

GT Pro Series is an exclusive car-racing game for Nintendo's new-generation gaming console entitled Wii. With more than 80 licensed cars, tons of tuning options and its fluid drift-style controls and physics, GT Pro Series perfectly fits the Wii's unique gameplay approach. It's a fast-paced racing game that takes full advantage of the Wii Remote.

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Harry4390d ago


I've seen Zelda... Go back and put some effort into it... no more 'inferior console' bollox

MicroGamer4390d ago

the sh1ttier sequel to Auto Modellista??

BlackCountryBob4390d ago

I know not to expect fabulous graphics from the Wii but that game looks awful! I understand that the Wii mote is innovative but that is no excuse to make substandard games! I hope this isn't reflective of the future, mini games and poor games!

ChickeyCantor4390d ago

im sorry but these screen are OLD

jacen10004389d ago

seen these screens a year ago maby more