Sony puts Xross Media Bar in new Vaio

What's good enough for the PS3…

The new Sony Vaio FW series with XMB

Sony has decided to add the Xross Media Bar (XMB) that has proved so successful in its PlayStation 3 to its new range of Vaio laptops.

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Calcio3959d ago

Just got back from the event for this and it's not too shoddy although it isn't hotkeyed so you have to load up the Vaio Media+ software to acccess it.
Still - nice to see some 'corporate synergy'

Burekman3959d ago

But the question is... Does it support in-game XMB? :P

nix3959d ago

Sony has been saying that they'll implement XMB across all products so i won't be surprised.

Arsenal4Ever3959d ago

Well it will have in-word processing XMB.

Calcio3959d ago

Nah - everyone at Sony HATES Sony Ericsson - something about ruining the Walkman brand...

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