Gamer reaches 1000 in GOW

ZombieOnXbox is the first gamer to reach that magical 1,000 points on the Leaderboard. But #2 trails by only 30 points, and with a tie for 3rd place at 950, it probably won't be long before everyone else joins him.

Even so, congrats on being first!

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highps34337d ago

How about you put down the controller now and get a life! Go outside, get a girlfriend or pay attention to the one you have.

EPIC should be sued for making this kid waste his life like this.

There is no reason for an achievement to have 1 million kills. Its completely stupid, a waste of time. And on top of that im sure 9/10 360 users would still kill this guy in a match.

This is lame. Just like those people who leveled in WOW and wasted there lives. For what? And they are paying for it on top of that!

Whatever though atleast Gears is fun to play even if it is being hacked, cheated, exploited...

Tyro Station anyone? I guarentee youll never find me LMAO!

JasonPC360PS3Wii4337d ago

I can’t believe you said that here. Do you even know what a video game system is? (Or Electricity)

PSN Starfleets4337d ago

I agree with you. I've had my 360 for almost a year, and have just over 2000 gamer points.

For someone to reach the achievements in GoW so soon, is pathetic and rather embarrasing if i may say so.

It just highlights the concerning amount of time some individuals spend in virtual reality. I'm not pissed with them, it's just very very sad :(

Maybe they can't get a girlfriend? wife? Well, atleast they can get a shiny cover of Marcus Fenix

Optimus Prime4337d ago

why do you care what other people are doing. at least they are not talking crap about kids that they will never meet.
i want to ask, did epic games make them play this game, heck no, it was their choice. quit your whining and complaining. your a complete douche

Sangheili854337d ago

look i know this guy hes a good friend of mine and if you played with him you would see why hes number 1. He takes out a whole team by himself and yes hes got a life and a girlfriend he just really likes this game. Also he does not cheat or exploit. Dont talk crap on someone you will never meet.

WarEagle134337d ago

that i will never meet him? Is it because he never leaves his couch?

WarEagle134337d ago

that I will never meet him? Is it because he never leaves his couch?

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xtopher4337d ago

who say the sue em to everyting are tards. Take some responsibility and sue no one. EPIC did notforce anyone to play the game, it was your choice.

PS360PCROCKS4337d ago

damn I have had my 360 since launch and this guy from one game has 1/3 of my total gamer points, lol, yeah he needs to go and do something else with himself, I mean 10,000 kills in a ranked match is CRAZY, I think i'm somewhere in the 900 range and I have like 22,000 online points, so that means this guy has like 200,000 online points, that is unfathomable how you can find the time

Marriot VP4337d ago

I have no idea how he found the time to rack up 10,000 kills.

This guys probably just like the guys from south park on World of warcraft.

InMyOpinion4337d ago

Hmmm I disagree. Sad people are the ones who grow their personality online instead of in the real world. Elven [email protected] lvl. 60 in WoW, social freak with lacking personal hygiene IRL lol!

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