Cliff Bleszinski is a tool

Cliff Bleszinski is a tool. Even after he's taken away that ungodly surname Cliffy B his annoyance still spreads. We love his work with the Gears of War franchise without end. Nonetheless, Cliff has decided to stray from his game and weigh in on everything Microsoft. He has talked about everything from the controller to the new Avatars.


The story has been since taken down. Please refer to Eurogamer for the complete response Cliff has to the Avatars, current and new Dashboards, and more.Thank you and please refer to our site for Xbox related content.

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decapitator3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

I normally don't approve these articles but CliffyB has been kinda of tool because as professional game developer as he is, and also regarded highly in the industry, he need to STFU and continue making games.

With that said, I will be getting Gears 2 though when I pick up a 360 soon.

JsonHenry3960d ago

Lol, this site is so Sony biased and the mod aboves statement proves my point.

Even though I agree this guy is a total douche - it still goes to prove my point about this site.

snakeater33960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

listen json henry.....remeber one year ago ...yep it was summer and i was enjoying some mediocre titles on my newly purchased ps3...and you know what ? this site was so biased in favour of 360 coz it had all the best games. now the playing field is a little more even with sony gaining momentum and getting some deserved attention.

Megatron083960d ago

"When responding to question about the Avatars he simply says, “They’re Miis, but that’s fine”. "

Wait he was ask a question and he gave an honest a opinion about what he thought and that makes him a tool ? Seriously what did they want him to say stfu and get out of my face ? Cause that make him so cool right ?

253960d ago

lol. look at the source. its from an xbox site. have a nice day.

JsonHenry3960d ago

^^ I never said I did not agree about C.B. being a big wet wad. But this is not news. It is a complaint about a person. But since it is negative against MS/MS pruducts and approved by a Mod that ADMITS he does not even own a 360 then, yes, this proves my point about this site.

But whatever. I jumped ship from the 360 to the PS3 as my console of choice when Sony announced the impending friends list/online game invites that is to hit before the end of the year - at no charge! (that and my 360 crapped out on me)

KingME3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

When this so-called 360 bias was happening last year, what was your stance on it. Did you think it was okay or did you think it was wrong. I believe you thought it was wrong, but now since it's bias in the way that you like it, then it's now okay.

See the way I see it, is wrong is wrong regardless to whose doing it, not just when it not in my favor. Felling that it's okay when done to one side and not the other is an example of "hypocrisy".

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morganfell3960d ago

What you say is true but that doesn't mean he isn't annoying. Besides, if you are annoying will that make people attack your game? What game?

He is in a different position. As the face of a franchise, running his mouth and "expressing himself" can have implications. If he doesn't mind negative impacts on the image of Epic then by all means, jabber away. But everything has it's price, even expressing one's opinion.

InMyOpinion3960d ago

I wouldn't take everything he says so damn serious.

Fishy Fingers3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

Being British I believe I may have misunderstood the title.

I thought it meant "cliffy B is a tool... to greatness, to use" something like that. It doesnt o_O

Mc Fadge3960d ago

A prick or an arrogant idiot basically :3

decapitator3960d ago

Or letting yourselve been used for promotional purposes ect ect.

Drekken3960d ago

Not really... if anything it is old news!

ironmunk3960d ago


This post just continues a long tradition of N4G articles about CliffyB which have practically zero content or any information of value.

My personal favourite was one not too long ago which was simply CliffyB saying that GoW2 would be bigger badder and more bad ass, literally that was the story!

I don't blame Cliffy, just the stupid people writing up everything he says!

Time to shoot the messengers me thinks...

Bucky Sligo3960d ago

I was thinking the same thing. Everybody's asking Cliffy B to stfu but still they report everything he is saying as news.

Also, I've read the article and if there is someone who is a tool it's that author of this tripe!

EvilJoey3960d ago

He is a Tool - im not biased i like some microsoft people...
an d at one point i even liked CB... i watched an interview were he was describing the chainsaw... he said it was Intimate Violence... that stuck with me... I even made that the name of my Arena team in WoW...

But he is a tool
And it is news.. if people were un aware of this! lol

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