Microsoft Game Studios' New Leader On The Passions Of Denis Dyack, And That NeoGAF Post

Multiplayer's Stephen Totilo writes:

"Denis Dyack loves his games with an undeniable passion.

As "Too Human" nears its August release date, Dyack has stepped up his media presence and brought "Too Human" to the conversational forefront.

You may have heard about his "Too Human" post on popular gaming forum NeoGAF, where he called out his own community and asked them to pick a side - for or against.

Last year at E3, I asked former Microsoft Game Studios head Shane Kim (who's since been promoted) what he thought of Dyack's unconventional public relations methods. This year, I had an opportunity to ask the new head of MGS, Phil Spencer, the same question. "Too Human" isn't far off.

I wanted to know what he thought about Dyack's recent comments to the public."

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solidsnakus3962d ago

what are you talking about? have you played the demo? after playing it i can clearly see he wasnt shiiting. its a pretty cool game. although its not gonna score over 90. a good 85 im guessing,.

u got owned3962d ago

I agree with you, its not the best game out there, but is a pretty cool game, based on the demo i give it a 80.

ChampIDC3962d ago

One thing's for sure, the people that hate the game really hate it bad. I think it's going to be in the range of the 80's as well. The combat mechanic isn't perfect, but I found it rather fresh and entertaining.

The animations are the biggest problem of the game IMO. The weapon impact isn't solid (when the animation actually hits the enemy).

Overall, I think it'll be fun, despite its downfalls.

Voozi3962d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

Sorry but this game is going to be one of those love or hate games that's going to be getting scores from 6's to 8's

I played the demo for about 30 minutes and didn't like it. This is what I didnt like about it...

- Controls were clunky
- Animations sucked
- No Block
- Camera is annoying
- Iffy on the story, part of me is interested in it, part of me isnt

Granted there will be people who disagree and think the complete opposite of me, there are also those people who played the demo and completely agree with me thus why I've concluded it's going to be one of those love or hate type games, a game that isn't for everyone, and unfortunately for me, this game isn't for me after playing the demo.

So as I said before, I expect many mixed reviews/scores on this game.

I would have loved to add another 360 exclusive to my library of games this holiday with games like Fable 2 and Gears 2, so went into the demo with an open mind since this game wasn't appealing to me from the start, but when playing it, just wasn't doing it for me and the appeal wasnt there on top of the complaints I had that I said before, but oh well, can't win em all I suppose

VirusE3961d ago

I played it and love it but not so much at first. I think it will suffer from gun valkrie syndrome in the long run though; the controls will be too different for most people to wrap their heads around. Just like gun valkrie once you get the hang of it and truly learn the odd system you will become capable of awe inspiring feats of mass digital murder. When i first started the demo i was very impressed by the cinemas attention to quality film making techniques. The cinema camera angles were used in a very film like manner which i really liked. The scene with the tank driving in the snow was text book framing and a detail that most designers (other than Kojima) seem to screw up. Anyway, once i started playing the game i was kind of at a loss as to how to play. I was getting pissed that i kept getting hit by the missiles and was longing for a dodge button. Then it hit me that attacking is in fact how you dodge and then it all started to make sense. Once i was stomping a VERY large pack of enemies with insane amounts of fluidity i started to understand the odd choice in controls. I ended up really liking the control by the end of the demo and i can see that the game reeks potential. The issue with the game though is the length, which is just too short for this kind of game and the lack of 4 player co-op is a huge let down. The game was obviously built for multiplayer and some of the classes seem worthless in a small party. The voices acting, story concept, music and sound are bar none amazing in my opinion. As always SK brings something very unique to the table that only the hardcore will truly understand.

xhairs93961d ago

Do I need to play it? I see about 5 - 7 people here saying they hated it at first and liked it a little later. Did you see the post about the Demo being revealed on XBL? There were 30+ people saying they hated it. 30 - 7, which would lead you to believe it's an AWESOMEZ GAMEZ!!111!!1

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ThisIsWaiting3962d ago

really like it ... as the character levels you start to see the game play shine.

As for Dennis ... who cares what he said to a bunch of nobodies on a forum?

Silver3603961d ago

The more you play the more fluid and graceful the game becomes.After a while you want to learn combos and juggling, the shear amount of havoc you reek becomes amazing after you start to level up. A must buy for me.