NIS America Interview: Localising Danganronpa, Disgaea 5, and More

Mikhail Madnani: "NIS America has localised and released so many great games over the last few years. We saw the rise of Danganronpa last year, and any fan of strategy RPGs knows about Disgaea. I had the pleasure of talking to the Director of Localisation, Yoko Nishikawa and the Assistant Producer and Marketing & PR Manager, Alan Costa, about NIS America’s games and more."

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TheColbertinator3356d ago

Interesting interview. Disgaea 5 is on my preorder list already

KryptoniteTail3356d ago

Danganronpa! My second favorite VN right behind Virtue's Last Reward.

dcj05243355d ago

Is it really that good? Zero escape was one of the best stories I've heard. Period. I might have to rebuy a Vita (got stolen)

G3n3raL863355d ago

Danganronpa was the reason i bought a Vita back at November and i have to say, after finishing both, this series has blowed me away just like 999/VLR. Crazy story, characters, suspense... Everything's there:) I've become a huge fan and i can't wait for Another Episode is September:)

Just don't go searcing for info, cause they're spoiler-heavy.

Chaos_Raiden3356d ago

Interesting read. Thanks for the share.


Danganronpa 2 Getting Affordable Nagito Komaeda Figure by Good Smile

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Danganronpa gets a surprise Xbox release, and it's on Game Pass too

After over a decade, the anniversary version of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc has arrived on Xbox and is also available through Xbox Game Pass.

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H9883d ago

Always good to have more people get messed up by this series

SilPho883d ago

Absolutely. This is a great series

H9883d ago

Especially the first game in my opinion when it comes to the atmosphere, it really messed you up

smashman98883d ago

Really hoping people enjoy it. I had a blast when I played it for sure.


Danganronpa 10th Anniversary Event: Ultimate Class Reunion tickets now available

The event will include a live performance of popular songs from the series by band members, a look back at the past 10 years of the series with fans and guests, and more.

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