Tales of Zestiria preorder and other games from the JRPG series discounted

New discounts of Tales of games include the upcoming Tales of Zestiria being dropped by 17 percent to $49.99 in addition to Tales of Vesperia ($25.49), Tales of Xillia ($24.74) and Tales of Xillia 2 ($21.99).

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phoenixwing1284d ago

I hope the release window of zestiria on December on Amazon isn't true.

MegaRay1284d ago

They said 6 months after the Japanese release which means its coming next 3-5 months, or so I believe.

blackblades1284d ago

Thought it was summer or fall. Hope it's not December I would like to get it on black Friday like all the others.

phoenixwing1283d ago

I preordered zestiria. Ten dollars off is worth it.