Mass Effect 4 Character Details Are 'Insane', Bioware's Secret IP Development Updates Detailed

A few game development updates from Bioware.

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annoyedgamer2859d ago

More "big news" about Mass Effect 4...

showtimefolks2859d ago

how is this big news

smh slow day of news i guess

Xof2859d ago

They have to do a lot more marketing with ME4 in order to make consumers forget about ME3. This is very careful damage control.

Dfooster2859d ago

They don't have to do anything to try and make me forget mass effect 3, I enjoyed it immensely even if it was my least favoured of the three. The whole thing with the ending was blown way out of proportion. and it was still one of the best games of last gen

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Dhampir2859d ago

Every week the developers put out a tweet about how awesome the game looks. Not once have they shown anything.

It's going to look like Dragon Age Inquisition.

Xof2859d ago

@Dfooster: it doesn't really matter what you or I or anyone else thinks of Mass Effect 3: the fact is, it was a catastrophe. It generated months of bad press and years' of enmity among a large portion of its target audience, it forced Bioware to expend a lot of resources trying to "fix" the ending problem, and drove the development studio's founders--Muzyka and Zeschuk--out of the company AND out of the gaming industry altogether.

And as you can see by the enormous disparity between media and user metascores, helped cement a popular feeling of distrust toward Bioware and the gaming media hyoe machine in general.

Mass Effect 3 is pretty much the single biggest industry catastrophe since Daikatana. That is why the ME4 advertising is moving so slowly and so vaguely--Bioware is desperate to get the hype train rolling, but terrified of perturbing the waters, if you don't mind the healthily mixed metaphors.

deafdani2859d ago

"Mass Effect 3 is pretty much the single biggest industry catastrophe since Daikatana."

You sure love your hyperbole.

Xof2858d ago

Yeah, you're right. ME3 was a lot worse than Daikatana: Jon Romero still kept making games.

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Tsar4ever012858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

You mean more Mass Hype Effect, l'm all for the next-gen ME too, but I'm not going to get excited over something some Dev squirts on Twitter.


Enough of this ME Hype mongering.

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chrissx2859d ago

Wow finally some insane news about mass effect 4 /s

kevinsheeks2859d ago

How does this non-news keep making it through :\

Roccetarius2859d ago

Yeah, it's things like this that shouldn't get a pass in the system.

Zenith4k2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Mass effects private parts are photo realistic believe me iv literally pulled that out of my arse

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The story is too old to be commented.