Ori and the Blind Forest Dev Comments On Phantom Dust Reboot, Microsoft’s Support For Devs And More

GearNuke: "Moon Studios’ CEO Thomas Mahler spoke about the recently cancelled Phantom Dust Reboot on NeoGAF. He also talked about their experience with Microsoft and clarified some of the misinformation about how Microsoft treats other developers, especially after the cancelled Phantom Dust Reboot developers talked about their terrible experience with Microsoft."

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christocolus1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

Nice Article and some interesting statements from Moon studios.

"Making a AAA-looking game like that for 5m with full online multiplayer and all that jazz already sounds low to me, but if I’d then hear from our producer that we also have to now all of a sudden add a 6h long single player campaign without any budget increase and within the same schedule is just absolutely out of the world crazy and I personally have never known the people at Microsoft to make claims like that."

"I mean, we obviously only dealt with a small set of people at MS, but it just sounds somewhat unbelievable to me and completely unreasonable from a business and development perspective, especially since those milestones are set in the actual contracts and both parties have to adhere to them."

Makes sense.Usually business deals like these are all signed contracts and if this story is legit then Darkside had every right to make a case.why didn't they? I just hope we get the full story someday,anyways i'm looking forward to Ori 2 or whatever Moon studios decides to do next.

StrayaKNT1743d ago

I really hope it is ORI 2 because that's the best game I have played this year it is just amazing.

gangsta_red1741d ago

Really interesting...

I even said in the first article that 5 million just seemed low for a multiplayer triple A game. Especially with customization of cards and MS supposedly wanting it to be an esport type of game...for 5 mill?

As soon as I read that, warning bells went off that this story might not actually all be true.

Good to see that Moon Studios was treated well and that their story is a far contrast to what supposedly happened with Darkside.

lelo2play1743d ago

Congrats Moon Studios. Ori is the best game I played this year so far.

GearSkiN1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

Ori is great, beautiful, even had a super meat boy Easter egg, hope they can make another one.

AsheXII1743d ago

It also had a LoZ Easter egg.

MCTJim1743d ago

When I read that article yesterday, I said to myself, something doesn't smell right or someone left out important information. I still think and will continue to think that this person who gave the story was pissed his project got cancelled, and who wouldn't be? But something is not adding up, we are not getting the full truth from these people.

Disgruntled employees always serve up a meat and potatoes meal and leave out the meat and we only hear about the potatoes.

Volkama1743d ago

Bloody disgruntled employees, always putting the vegetarians first. Get's right on my nerves.

OpieWinston1743d ago

It's Kotaku, what did you expect? Sometimes you can hardly call the articles they post "Journalism".

LexHazard791743d ago

Truth! I was expecting shepards pie, instead we got potato au

donthate1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

When I sort of pointed those things out, people didn't like it and got hammered on the article itself:

Instead we got a MS hate party in there. Good grief!

vega2751743d ago

As you see the same hate mob made sure to stay away from this article. Maybe because it contradicts the last article and shows that MS isnt the bad guy these guys so desperately want them to be

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zsquaresoff1743d ago

Is this a Ms console exclusive or is it going to come out on ps4 as well?

RiPPn1743d ago

Pretty sure Moon Studios owns the IP and Microsoft is just the publisher.

OpieWinston1743d ago

Microsoft Studios fully funded the project and owns the IP.

They made a pitch for funding and signed over rights to the project in exchange for full funding.

Moon Studios is still independent though.

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The story is too old to be commented.