Nintendo's Plans for DLC and Microtransactions Point to Changed Priorities

We're in the midst of changing times for Nintendo, perhaps of a turbulent nature, and the sands are shifting in multiple ways. In the past couple of months we've seen Nintendo partner up with DeNA to move towards bringing its core IPs to smart devices, bringing a resultant boom in share prices, while Nintendo was essentially forced - with public perception in mind - to confirm that its next gaming hardware (codenamed 'NX') will be revealed in 2016. Club Nintendo is being shuttered to be replaced by a cross-platform (Wii U, 3DS, smart devices) membership programme implemented with DeNA's expertise, and all of this is on top of the usual Nintendo priorities - games, Wii U, 3DS (and New Nintendo 3DS), amiibo and more.

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lizard812881751d ago

Now they just need to add voice chat to their games. I'd be fine if it was just VC with friends.

deadpoolio3161751d ago

Even IF they were to EVER fully get into voice chat it would literally NEVER be with VC games....They don't even have online MP and you think they are going to add chat to something that goes into an emulator, they aren't running native on Wii U hardware....

They may break down and add it in NOV 2016 when the NX releases...They will want to hook core gamers with the Zelda launch title, probably why there wont be a Wii U port and party chat

lizard812881750d ago

lol, sorry. i was lazy when I typed in VC. It should read:

Now they just need to add voice chat to their games. I'd be fine if it was just voice chat with friends.

wonderfulmonkeyman1751d ago

I think a lot of people are expecting Nintendo to put console grade games, like Super Mario Bros. 3, onto phones.
A lot of people are going to be very disappointed when Nintendo doesn't cater to that expectation.XD

SteamPowered1751d ago

Since you can already play all of Nintendo's nostalgia franchises on RetroArcade and other emulators, I would have to think Nintendo would start pulling out some new IP's for mobile.

wonderfulmonkeyman1751d ago

I don't think Nintendo takes illegal emulations of their games into account in any case.XD

KryptoniteTail1751d ago

These are mostly positive changes, in theory. Let's hope they do well in practice.