Is Splatoon a Blockbuster That'll Help Revive the Wii U?

The Wii U has a small batch of highly promising titles on the way, though only one notable arrival is currently expected worldwide in the first half of this year - Splatoon. European gamers do have Yoshi's Woolly World to look forward to on 26th June, admittedly, but that title is still not formally dated for North America. Mario Maker is coming in September, and beyond that we have a number of loose '2015' release windows.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

It can be, if people are willing to quit claiming that Nintendo only has Mario and Zelda, and start supporting new titles like this.
If you're sick of Mario on Nintendo consoles and want something new, this, Xenoblade X, Dillion's Rolling Western, Code Name: S.T.E.A.M., Bayonetta 2, Devil's Third, Pikmin 3, DKTF, and quite a few other games are there on Wii U and 3DS, and are well worth their purchase price.

Nintendo will be about more than Mario, the instant people start paying better attention to what Nintendo releases, instead of making excuses to avoid everything outside of Nintendo's big names on Nintendo systems.

XisThatKid1748d ago

It could've for me but they said no voice chat so I'ma keep my 150$. I think for some but I see a cult hit immediately and a standing franchise that'll have its own fans in time. Could do the Wii U some good.

dubal-e1748d ago

It seems like a good, not great game. I will be buying it. I hope it does well, but to answer your question. NO

Dahui1748d ago

As excited as I am for this game, I doubt it. The best thing that will probably happen is it gets decent sells on the wii u and great word of mouth. Then, the sequel will do much better on the next system.

MSBAUSTX1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

And while the sequel may be more popular on the next system I will be able to sell this game at its orriginal price 6 years from now because of the outstanding quality and resale value of Nintendo exsclusives. The market contradicts itself so much it is funny. Gamecube didnt have great sales due to gimicky disc size and yet its exsclusives still sell for over 30 and 40 bucks over a decade later, some for more. Several Wii exsclusives sell for close to what they were upon release and the Wii U will do the same.

This game will sell consoles and it will sell a lot of copies. Dont believe me? Go to your local gamestop and ask about the amount of preorders they already have. Try and find the Splatoon amiibos somewhere to reserve. You cant. This game will be great because there isnt anything else like it on the Wii U and to top that off it is made by Ninty. That means no bugs and a complete gane upon release.

Doesnt mean it will suddenly make the Wii U jump to PS4 sales figures. But this will be a success for Nintendo. Then we have Xeno X, Yoshis wooly world, Rodea Sky Soldier, Kay, Star Fox, and Devils Third all this year?! That doesnt include whatever is in store for Holiday release that we wont hear about until E3 the way they did Last year! Then beginning of next year we get LOZ!?

At the very least this year will mark a huge spike in sales for the Wii U so that, going in to the next console release, The Wii U will have been somewhat profitable and have given us some really great games and memories.

Edit: Add Mario Maker to that list as well.

superchiller1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

Everything you wrote is really nothing more than fanboy fantasies. So what if a handful of low-production games still sell for "30 or 40 bucks" 10 years later? I bet I could easily find many original XBox games that are also selling at relatively high prices, considering they also came out more than a decade ago (and the original XBox was much better than the GameCube anyway).

Splatoon isn't going to "sell consoles" in any appreciable numbers, and I doubt it will even sell as well as Wonderful 101, which bombed itself. It's just another strange niche title that really doesn't target any particular gamers, and isn't really what people are looking for.

Everything you wrote sounds like the same stuff diehard Nintendo fans have been saying for the last few years, but time after time, nothing pans out, and you all are left clinging to desperate hopes that some future games will magically turn the tide. By now it should be apparent that nothing is going to change the fate of the Wii U, so the best you can hope for is a better-designed, more appealing product in the NX, or whatever they end up calling it.

The Wii U really is a failure, and Nintendo is directly to blame for that. Let's hope that their next hardware release is a much better product, they really can't afford another disaster like the Wii U.

higgins781748d ago

You just couldn't help yourself, could you? Claiming "nothing more than fanboy fantasies" then in the same paragraph stating "the original Xbox was MUCH better than the Gamecube"...erm, OK. No, the original Xbox was not 'better' than the Gamecube, let alone " much". I'd argue both were good consoles but (for me, my personal tastes), the fact the Gamecube possessed Resi 4, Wind Waker and Metroid Prime - bona fide classics, well, that just sealed its status.

MSBAUSTX1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

Lol fanboy fantasies? Then you talk like that about xbox. Good luck finding an orriginal xbox exclusive that still costs as much as Super Mario Sunshine. What a goon.

Edit: i would like to point out that at no time did i say the Wii U was some successful powerhouse of gaming sales and wow numbers like the PS4. I merely stated that this years games will help it be profitable and that in several years I will be selling my games for it at almost the same price I paid for them like I did with Game cube games. Get a life bro.

marloc_x1748d ago

Care to grace us with predictions for Nintendo's May finance briefing schiller?

gameboy11748d ago

Let me see...

Splatoon,XenobladeX,Fast Racing Neo,Project CARS,Yoshi WW,MarioMaker,Devils Third,Tantalus's Major Port,Black Ops 3 as i think it will come to wiiu it's on the website and BO2 is on wiiu the superior console version,Starfox.....

Not bad considering we know nothing about what will be at E3 so I'm happy and i do think sometime this year WiiU will start matching xbox1 in sales month to month...

Magicite1746d ago

Black Ops 3 wont come to wii u. Other games u mentioned will be lucky to sell over 1m.
You are just trying to justify Wii U, but you are running out of cards.

gameboy11744d ago

Ok mate BO3 is the worst game on that list anyway,but it will come to wiiu i think and if it does I'll be bk to tell you i told u.

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