PlayStation video service is US only

PSN video delivery service is currently US-only, Europe to follow

One of Sony's major announcements at its E3 2008 press conference this week was the launch of the PSN's video download service for users to download movies to rent and buy on their PS3 at home or on their PSP on the go.

Unfortunately, TechRadar has just discovered that the service is only currently available in the US.

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SacT0wnF1n3st3965d ago

For Europe expect more info/release date at Leipzig 08 and for Asia at TGS.

Ben10543965d ago

should have it in Europe NOW

Tomdc3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

its coming europe in fall 08 read that on another news article on this site, so this is old! So many E3 stuff is getting multiple articles...

jamilion3965d ago

They didn't even include or mention canada!?!?!

CrashSharc3965d ago

jamilion, I feel you. I was very dissapointed when our store didn't update... like c'mon. I think it may have to do with our copy right rules and how every movie studio hates canada for it's downloading policies... but still... c'mon...

SSCOOLCHEA3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

there a country called canada ? i didnt know . But anyways I made fun of the xbot retards because of there video service so im going to do the same here . A nice service to have . but you would be a fool to buy its not true 1080p . its cool to rent and save it to your psp for vacation purposes . but for me putting movies in my ps3 is not cool buying blu ray is better . rent to psp cool idea. 15/month

himdeel3965d ago

...but what date will this be available? I thought he said in the press conference that it would be released yesterday but I didn't see the prompts in PSN for the service.

Codeman4203965d ago

xbox lives video service was in the US first too so now surprise here

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haphilli3965d ago

Cause for $15 to keep that is pretty cheap in comparison to Blu-Ray.

SPECTER3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

Not sure about all but a few I have seen said



so I guess not but I only checked 1 or 2

still not bad, some nice movies on there and in HD for about the same as ON DEMAND from my cable

just hope they stick to the store and keep adding stuff every week

iHEARTboobs3965d ago

Just rent. I of course didn't check all, just a few. Prices aren't bad though.

solidsnakus3965d ago

this is cool and all but kinda pointless. at leased for us hardcore guys that just download em off the interwebs. thats one of the things i like about my ps3 is being able to transfer all my movies to it.

Apocwhen3965d ago

Does anyone know if I purchase a video from the US Video Store will it play on an EU PS3 console? If anyone has heard anything about this let us know.

4skin3965d ago

Nope, Sony are now region locking content. A US account will do nothing. Funny, that fat chud Tretton was going on about 10 million PSN accounts. Knowing damn well 7 million are second, third and fourth accounts for Europeans.

Now there is no point having more accounts, downloads and stats will drop like the titanic.

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The story is too old to be commented.