Electronic Thoughts - Uncharted HD Collection

Player2 contemplates if an Uncharted HD collection would be a good or a bad thing.

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98xpresent1749d ago

Uncharted is already "HD"

Mapsman1749d ago ShowReplies(2)
Jalva1748d ago

According to six people Uncharted is not already HD...

There's a word to describe these people but I'd rather not get bubbled down for 'personal attack'.

MasterCornholio1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

An Uncharted Collection would be Full HD (1080P) not HD Ready (720P).

Wh15ky1748d ago

Your link refers to TVs.

HD ready means a tv is capable of displaying hd content. It is not the terminology for 720p.

jb2271748d ago

Are the textures hd? Seems like i remember reading that Naughty Dog created full hd textures but they had to scale them down for release? Either way, those extra p's are all the reason I need to dive back in, which is to say I'd replay those games for absolutely any reason whatsoever because they are the most fun a man can have w/ a controller in hand

deadpoolio3161748d ago

2 and 3 are the first is really aged I guess....I would say out of the three games, Uncharted 1 would get the most benefit out of a collection made for PS4...Its still great to look at but it definitely isn't on the same levels as U2 or U3

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Hewso1749d ago

Woah, Hang on there. Yes HD collection is probably techically incorrect but it is also a pretty common way to refer to these collections.

No need to pull out the knives there MPSTRA

Summons751749d ago

Just because it's common doesn't mean it's right to all this misinformation to continue.

Brotard1748d ago

I stopped reading after "naughty dog is a second party studio" when in reality naughty dog is owned by Sony. Hmmmm

jb2271748d ago

Hell at this point I feel like Sony might as well be owned by Naughty Dog. If there was a Naughty Dog console that only played their games, I'd buy the hell out of it.

Mapsman1749d ago

Just annoys me that people feel the need to point out stupid shit like this. Just seem antagonistic for no reason.

Footyspacecadet1748d ago

Just chill man. It is the internet. People say stuff you won't like. You get upset like that you will give yourself a stroke or something

ninsigma1749d ago

If we could get an uncharted collection and an unannounced big hitter or 2 for september to december that would awesome!

Repjaws1749d ago

My brother has played all the games I never got into it,I would instantly buy the collection day one because I know realize that I've missed out on one of the best franchise last gen.I think a lot of people would buy that HD collection,most likely the people that made the jump from Xbox to PS4

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