Xenoblade Chronicles X’s E3 2013 trailer compared to footage from the latest presentation

NintendoEverything: "What was shown in Xenoblade Chronicles X’s E3 2013 trailer is quite a bit different compared to footage included in the game’s latest presentation."

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DarkOcelet3086d ago

The lighting looks slightly better on E3 2O13 but the characters details looks a bit better in the new one so its cool really.

Seriously, this game is a system seller.

pcz3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

the E3 one clearly looks better, better sense of depth, more detail, characters look better, richer colour, more cinematic, better lighting and animation...

breakpad3086d ago

big downgrade everything is better in E3 trailer...shame it seems it happens to often in our days

Griever3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

But Nintendo fans claim that Nintendo would never do that! How is that possible? Nintendo deceiving and lying about how their game will look during a time period when Wii U's power was being scrutinized and questioned? They even withheld hardware specs to further fuel ambiguity about the console's capabilities. That is lying and deception right there. Furthermore, they are already prepared for releasing DLC quests for Xenoblade Chronicles X even though the game has not been released yet. It was reported just a few days ago. That means they are keeping content away from the game so they can release it later. Looks like Nintendo is no saint after all.

never4get3086d ago

Xenoblade X Nintendo NX version, I would like to get that.

DC7773086d ago

Obviously it's a different character in game that actually has gear. The graphics of this game have only been improved over time.

Anyone saying there's a downgrade is a completely blind hater moron.

Concertoine3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )


You're so full of crap, dude. You really think Nintendo said, "hey make that first 30 seconds look good so people think our system is nxtgen!" Then every other game at E3, let's just keep that normal. Gimme a break. The rest of the E3 2013 trailer, hell the rest of E3 in general, is clearly in-game. What would be the point? I'm not sure what the story behind the cutscene is, maybe they decided to switch from pre-rendered to in-game when they beefed up the character customization.

We know NOTHING about the nature of the DLC, only that the back of the box says its coming. We don't know if it's being withheld or anything like that. For you to immediately assume the worst about a situation shows your desperation to find something wrong about everything.

I'm glad i don't go through life as a pessimist. Let's not talk about the great art style, one of the largest worlds in any game, the online co-op, the purported hundreds of hours of content. Let's lock on to that ONE CUTSCENE downgrade and assume the worst about DLC we know nothing about. Nice.

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Magicite3086d ago

Unfortunately this game wont be a system seller in the west, although we, fans are very hyped, this is rather niche game, just like Bayonetta.
Nintendo console system sellers have always been Mario and Zelda games, nothing else.
High scores and low sales are almost guaranteed, unless Nintendo bundles it, cuts price and promotes like hell.

wonderfulmonkeyman3086d ago

The game CAN be a system seller if we quit talking about Mario and start spreading the word that this is a must-have.
The unwillingness of the public to get their eyes off of Mario and on to this is really the only thing stopping the game from being a system mover.
Word-of-mouth is a powerful force in the sales world.
If we actually WANT Nintrndo to be seen as having more than Mario, we need to actually show support and spread the word about games like this, instead of saying " it's not Mario, it won't sell", then walking away.

pcz3086d ago

yeh, nintendo expect consumers to have telepathic abilities and just 'know' when big games are coming. other publishers put adverts on the sides of busses and in cinemas etc.

nintendo are so tight fisted with their marketing budget.

the game does deserve a lot of exposure but ultimately you are right- its not a game that will sell systems, not with the traditional nintendo target audience anyway.

_-EDMIX-_3085d ago


@Wonderful- Bud.....as much as I'm a huge Xenosaga fan...the game won't just do HUGE millions lol.

We all know those niche games that we all deem our "goty" but most of the time, those games don't just go on to do huge numbers and sell systems. I just don't see this game selling systems, I know those who own Wii U's who don't' even know what this game is.

3-4-53086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

Well.... Griever just exposed himself.

No we know he can't be trusted.

_-EDMIX-_3085d ago

lol. What makes no sense is "That is lying and deception right there. Furthermore, they are already prepared for releasing DLC quests for Xenoblade Chronicles X even though the game has not been released yet"

What? lol, they can very much create DLC for this game prior to its release as MOST DLC is made during production, hell some teams are brought in just to do post launch content, ie content that was NEVER going to be in the final game anyway.

I don't get what his issue is as Nintendo needs to do this as the whole industry does and it does nothing but help.

So....not releasing any content post launch is better? Less content is better now? For whom?

Look at Mario Kart, look at Smash Bros....both games launched with the most content those series have ever seen.......had DLC.

No different then games like COD or BF when they factually have more content before DLC then many of their previous entries.

He doesn't actually know if they are um.."keeping content away".

Have any DLC-haters even factored that the extra content that was made was made JUST TO BE SOLD?

ie they can't afford to just give and make free content, designers need to be paid.

Think about it...do we just think that BF4 was going to launch with 40 maps all for $60? Sooooooo how long would the game take and how would they actually pay those devs?

DLC is made because its known it will be paid for, the development of it was NEVER going to take place if it wasn't post launch as downloadable content.

Sooo this idea that it was "taken away" makes not sense, it was made to be sold as an extra, without DLC in general...it likely wasn't even going to be made.

I don't know about you, but FPS games don't just generally release with 40 maps, lol.

Nintendo is doing a great job with DLC, hell I would say MOST publishers actually do a great job with DLC. We have a few horror stories with dlc lol, but most of which I've seen with DLC has been justified.

Godmars2903086d ago

One, the first, was CG while the other was rendered with in-game assets.

Nothing to get excited - or complain - about.

Jihaad_cpt3086d ago

Wrong, look at the ground textures they are clearly not great in the direct but it looks regardless.

Godmars2903086d ago

Thing is everyone knows that graphically the WiiU can't compete with the PS4 and XB0. So there's no point in raising a fuss - though of course many will.

xICHIGOx3086d ago

CG? LOL it was in engine just like the new build. They downgraded the lighting and the texture quality.

Jihaad_cpt3086d ago

Sorry meant to say it looks great regardless. I'm sure this will be brilliant regardless of the graphics whores

Griever3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

The point is that isnt it a deception? The first trailer blew away everybody and made Wii U owners proud. Many argued that the Wii U with its mythical GPGPU was very powerful and the trailer was a proof. However, the actual game did not turn out to be what they promised in the first trailer. That is lying and deception used to generate hype similar to what Ubisoft often does. We also do not hear about that fabled GPGPU anymore.

Concertoine3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )


Yeah, everyone was talking about that first 20 seconds inside the generic base. Not the beautiful outdoor environments which have only been upgraded since then.

edit: The first trailer looks like crap compared to the game today.


What do you mean fabled GPGPU? The system has one. Nothing mythical about it. It's slightly more powerful than the last generation consoles, the games prove that definitively.

themonado3086d ago

That is definitely not a CG trailer...

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d_g3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

E3 2013 trailer looks better

but in these Games Don't care about graphics

Just Play and Enjoy

gameboy13086d ago

Oh my days the current trailer is way better graphically and everyone except the few wiiu haters on here will see that,try in game graphics they have improved immensely and as for textures try looking at ps4 games you can always find blurry textures in lots of places especially the backdrops,your just always trying to find things that make you feel ps4 has better graphics when it clearly doesn't,look at Watchdogs on ps4 character models are like ps2 in some cases and they held the game bk to make ps4 version look incredible and it wasn't achievable obviously,and Destiny on ps4 has blurry textures everywhere what is your point ??

I'll tell you this XenobladeX has the most beautiful and the biggest open world of any video game PERIOD.

Griever3086d ago

Blind fanboy alert! You actually believe this game is more beautiful and bigger than Witcher 3? GTFO

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory3086d ago

Well obviously the new build has vastly larger and some thins has to be slightly tone down.

gameboy13086d ago

If Xenoblade X is toned down then ps4 games are watered down because ps4 hasnt demonstrated this level of detailed textures in a game even half the size ???

Griever3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

You got to be trolling for sure man. These shitty texture are the same quality as those seen in FFXV, MGS5 and Witcher3??? GTFO! The game may be awesome artistically but it is not a graphical showcase in anyway. Just look at those town buildings, low-res textures and character models!

LOL_WUT3086d ago

I think the older version looks better same goes with the character was wearing don't know why they decided to change it ;)

gameboy13086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

It depends what u have your character wearing at that point ?? you guys are either dumb or just play dumb to make yourself feel better,WiiU has the best looking games so far SORRY.....

They have added major more detailed textures on everything weapons characters,mountains/terrain,t he foliage,the enemies,ect ect and motion blurr....

Neonridr3086d ago

yeah, I mean even the mech he climbed in was completely different. Not sure on the reasoning, but it's not like the new build looks bad or anything.

Game should still be epic, looking forward to it.