Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Have "Different Play Feel" Compared to First Xenoblade

Testuya Takahashi (the head of developer Monolith Soft), recently provided more insight into the western localization of Xenoblade Chronicles for Wii, its New 3DS port, and how the new Xenoblade Chronicles X for Wii U will have "a completely different feel" than its Wii predecessor.

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Yi-Long1750d ago

Disappointed with the interview because of two things:

1: He mentions how he chose the 3DS port over a HD WiiU port of the first Xenoblade, because he feels people would be more inclined to buy it and play it if they could also play it outside or when they are out of the home.

Personally, for massive games like these with such depth and over 100 hours of gameplay, I would obviously much rather play it sitting comfortably on the couch or in bed and play it for hours on a huge plasma, instead of on a tiny handheld.

I use my handhelds for pick-up-and-play games, which you can quickly play for 5-10 minutes and then move on with whatever you were doing.

So very disappointed how he argues his reasons for not bringing it to the WiiU are because of how epic and huge the game is, why FOR ME that would be a HUGE reason to DO bring it to the WiiU!

2: The second thing I'm disappointed about is that there's still no info about the western release of Xenoblade X getting the option for Japanese voices, which for me, is an absolute deal-breaker.

They way he speaks about the differences in cultures and localization, it kinda makes me think he doesn't understand how important having the Japanese voices in the game is for a a big part of the game's fan-base.

animegamingnerd1750d ago

i have a feeling there might some problems getting both the english and japanese audio for Xenoblade X due to the disc size cause that was the reason why the 3DS version of the original game only has the english dub cause they couldn't fit on the cartiage hell there is 10GB worth of data to download for the retail copy to decrease load times so worse case scenario imagine we would have to download the japanese dub

Yi-Long1750d ago

That's what I fear, although obviously the WORST case scenario would be that they wouldn't even offer the option to download the Japanese voices.

It's an absolute NO BUY from me btw if the western release doesn't have the Japanese voices, and with that it's also the last chance gone that I'll be picking up a WiiU.

Was going to buy a WiiU this year for both Zelda and Xenoblade, but it seems Zelda might be pushed to their next console, which (for me) just leaves Xenoblade X, and I have -zero- interest in a dub-only release.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1750d ago

You're misunderstanding something.

We haven't gotten any info on dual audio because Nintendo still in process of translation and localization.

Plus the game 22 GB in Japan. Wii U disc can only hold 25GB. I don't think it would fit unless the create a free DLC pack for it.

HentaiMasterRace1750d ago

Pretty sure that they'll eventually release it on Wii U eshop ...

TheDivine1750d ago

I agree. Severely disappointed this got a scaled down blurry low res down port instead of a beautiful next gen remaster, I still love it and its impressive they crammed it onto this underpowered handheld but damn. Why do devs ever want to make a lesser version? The game was already dated and sd why not give it the treatment it deserved?

Oh well. A port of this and a sequel is fine by me. I'm actually playing this as I type. Still awesome but the wii version looks loads better. Best handheld game ever by default though. That's saying something.

styferion1750d ago

I too disappointed with the texture downgrade, but the portability is a great plus for me.

See, my console is on the central living room so it's kind of a chore to actually play it because all the people walking around and waiting for my turn to use it.
So yeah, for people who don't have their console on a private-use setup the portability is a very, very big plus, I can bring it to bathroom, play on bed, on lunch break, etc..

Also japanese voice with subtitles is important, very important, I agree on that.

3-4-51750d ago


I think you are creating some of these issues in your mind.

They haven't actually happened in reality yet.

Your worrying about potentially "made up " stuff.

Relax a bit man...things will be ok.

Yi-Long1750d ago

When you see dark clouds, you prepare for rain.

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KryptoniteTail1750d ago

Who cares about subs? Dubs are better 90% of the time but the option is nice. Certainly no deal breaker. I mean, you can't understand it anyway so if they add an option for no voice just text then its the same practically. Just no "HYUKSO TRAGIBABABAAAA HYOKOOOO TAMIYAGAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!"

Yi-Long1750d ago

A lot of people care about having the original language in their entertainment, be it games, movies, cartoons, whatever.

Also, multiple reviews have already stated for the original game on Wii as well as the DS post that the dub is inferior to the original voice-acting. The latest issue of GamesTM being 1 of them (while still scoring the DS-port a solid 9/10).

DeusEx-Machina1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

Sorry, but this is absolute BS.

I usually am an OV fanatic, but the original Xenoblade offers in fact one of the best damn fine English voice-overs ever to grace the industry.

In this case I preferred it to the Japanese voice-over.

Evidently this is subjective, but the English-dub performed by talented British actors was just brilliant and for me one of the highlights of the entire game.

I sincerely hope they go again with an all British cast for X. But I guess it's unlikely.

That being said, the original Xenoblade offering both English and Japanese Dub was extremely appreciated and I very much hope they somehow manage to do the same for X.

Yi-Long1750d ago

As you said, it's subjective. You might have loved it. British gaming magazine GamesTM mentioned the dub as a negative.

Tbh though, 'quality' isn't the issue; I feel the original language should ALWAYS be included.

Feriku1750d ago

That part about Xenoblade Chronicles X not being as focused on the story worries me. Story is one of the main reasons I play RPGs.