Can Black Ops 3 Outsell Advanced Warfare?

The recent announcement of Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 has thrown the internet into an uproar. Arguably, the last ‘great’ Call Of Duty game, Black Ops 2 really was the full package, with a cool campaign, great multiplayer and a zombie mode that fans loved to death. Now, with sales in the franchise becoming mediocre, can Black Ops 3 return the franchise to their record breaking ways?

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Relientk771746d ago

Probably, Black Ops 1 and 2, sold a lot. Treyarch has a huge following.

BrunoM1746d ago

If they go back and at the same time keep it new they will people like that AW tried something new but am the hopping and roof fighting took from what COD is a fast run ground based shooter

But ant ways my guess would be ya that it will sell more than AW

venom061746d ago

ok... lets be honest and take the fanboy hats off... just WHAT can BO3 offer that BO2 hasn't already done?? Other than stealin Titanfalls boost jumping and wall running, what EXACTLY can BO3 do that hasn't already been done before.. DO NOT want to pay $60 for map pack and slightly better graphics.

GenuineGamer1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )



New campaign story and missions tying into previous black ops installments, New weapons, new attachments, new camos, new character customizations, New MP maps, New Zombies story, Better graphics, new killstreaks, new perks, new EVERYTHING!!!

Its like what u are saying can be said for any franchise or game.

What goods a new racing game i can race a ferrari enzo in (insert game here) i don't need a new racing game.

Like just because its a shooter and its called call of duty people hate on it.

Ghosts is extremely different to Advanced warfare.

Just like Black ops 2 is extremely different to Modern Warfare 3.

The call of duties are NOT all the same game rehashed they are quite different yet keeping with the same cod style of play.

Cuzzo631746d ago

Hard core TDM was amazingly fun and fast pace. In AW it's more of who can camp the best. Only Domination and Kc is a bit faster but the maps provoke camping in AW in my opinion. Looking coward to BLOPS3. Hopefully that fun I had is still in it

Revolver_X_1746d ago


Your talking to a wall. Everyone will justify the next COD purchase, even though their net code is archaic and they reskin EVERYTHING (prior to AW). Now that AW has added a new element FINALLY. Every COD henceforth will copy it. I quit COD when they started nerfing internet speeds to make it "fair" for others.

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700p1746d ago

yes blops 3 will sell more than Advanced warefare.

joab7771746d ago

Yeah and the sales of a game are almost always b/c of the success of the last Black Ops 2 was big, Ghosts wasn't and yet AW did well, so this should do even better. There is fatigue, but there is also
...Zombies! !!!!!

objdadon1746d ago

I agree but the cod sales have been slowly decreasing with each game. I couldn't stand ghost and aw. Treyarch has always been my go to developer for the best cods but if there are Exo suits with people flying all over the place then I'm out for good.

RomanPSX1746d ago

It will by a mile. But it better not have exo's. Im not buying if its the same crap as aw.

styferion1745d ago

I don't know... future warfare seems a bit played out with the last three COD going with that setting.
Would love for them going back to WW II/Cold war era, alternate world setting a la Wolfenstein would be good.

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porkChop1746d ago

I don't know. What I do know is that AW, for me, was so much more enjoyable than the Black Ops games. I wanted Treyarch to go back to WW2. I'll be skipping COD this year, and next year (IW is dead). Looks like I'll just stick to Sledgehammer's COD games from now on.

brich2331746d ago

stop lying, u will buy them all.

porkChop1746d ago

No, I won't. Just like I didn't buy Ghosts. I didn't buy MW3 either, though someone did eventually give me it. Unlike some people, I don't just blindly buy games because of the name on the box. And the overall mediocrity of many big current gen games has made me even less willing to buy most games.

Vegamyster1746d ago

I probably would have enjoyed it more if the hit detection wasn't so bad, the game is much faster then the previous CoD's so the issue was more apparent. Shame they never allowed for dedicated servers, hopefully Treyarch brings them in.

porkChop1746d ago

I didn't have too many issues with hit detection, thankfully, but I do know that it was a problem for a lot of people.

joab7771746d ago

So, you are gonna skip 2 CoD games you havnt even seen yet b/c AW was so different than all the rest. What?

porkChop1746d ago

No. Do you even bother reading? It's not about AW being different. It's about me not liking Black Ops that much, and that IW is pretty much dead after all the talent left.

objdadon1746d ago

Are you new to cod? I have no idea how anyone could play aw and say it is better than either black ops games!

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AstroCyborg1746d ago

going to be hard since halo 5 is releasing a week before blops 3

brich2331746d ago

Ima get halo, my friend will get Blackops 3, and we will both play both at the same time with xbox sharing.

Buzz7S1746d ago

Well Halo 5 is exclusive, whereas Black Ops III is multi-platform. That alone already shows a clear winner in which one will be more popular.

As for Xbox One owners like myself, many are sceptical about Halo 5 since 343i butchered the multiplayer for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which took more than 3 months to fix.

It wouldn't surprise me if BOIII had more people playing on one console compared to Halo 5.

22CobraKing1746d ago

Maybe it can or not if its like advance warfare many would not like it

AstroCyborg1746d ago

it wasn't just 343 who worked on mcc there was several others & we all know when a game gets outsourced its never a good idea & i think ms deserves far more hate than 343 since they gave them such a short deadline to have the game ready

StrayaKNT1746d ago

343 didn't butcher anything, 12 different studios worked on mcc while 343 was working on halo 5. And if you played the beta you would have realised it's the best Halo mp game to date.

styferion1745d ago

it's only hard on XB1, there's still the bigger install base of PS4 and PC..

r3f1cul1746d ago

i really dont think cod has the good game reputation going for it anymore... people are finally tired of all the false promises and lazy "innovations" year after year... i played ghosts for about 2 months and gave AW a few weeks... i guess since i tend to enjoy the campaigns on cod for the roller coaster on rails cinematic action sequences they are when im bored i will prolly give this a few days and hang it up because i seriously doubt they will improve the matchmaking and connections online so there will be nothing different to curve the aggravation so many experience while playing cod now that they know what to look for and just how easy it is to spot and how often these instances happen... and to those saying halo 5... halo is further down the failing and not knowing what to do about pipeline then cod is IMO so yea :/

GenuineGamer1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

The Black Ops name alone is enough to make this game sell like crazy. Let alone the fact that its a call of duty. So yes i think its in with a real chance of outselling Advanced Warfare.

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