What We Want In Jade Empire 2

For years, there has been a demand for a sequel, but nothing has ever materialized. Now there may be a glimmer of hope for a second game in the future.

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AngelicIceDiamond1751d ago

I don't know what I want. I love JE and love that feudal Japan setting.

Just give me more of what made it great.

DawginTow11751d ago

Completely agree (& I'm guessing u meant China? ;P)

& make it truly open world this time, no loading screens

ScorpiusX1751d ago

A new JE2 , plus a remastered JE so to rekindle the story for those that played the original and to attract new players. Last thing hopefully their Xbox one , PC exclusive.

DawginTow11751d ago

Mmm...I know JE was ofc (og)xbox excl. last time around, that's how I played it. But having moved to ps4 this gen, I hope it's multiplat this time. Really enjoyed the game, hate the idea of not getting to play it again :(

I think it all comes down to who owns the ip, ms or ea?

Ristul1751d ago

I'm in the same boat, played the original on Xbox but now own the PS4. The game will probably be multi-platform now that EA owns Bioware.

Articuno761751d ago

It was on the PC as well. The game's readily available on GOG for around £6. Should run decently on pretty much any rig these days.

WCxAlchemist1751d ago

According bioware ceo who name slips my mind but he said on twitter answering a fan question on JE that "Microsoft still owns the exclusive rites to JE so if JE2 were in the works it would be an Xbox exclusive" he stated on twitter sure you guys can look it up.

DawginTow11751d ago

@WCxAlchemist, man, if that's the case, I guess I may as well give up the ghost on getting to play JE2 :(

& that's a shame, wouldn't u say?

Ristul1750d ago

WCxAlchemist: While Microsoft published the game on Xbox they do not own the IP, Bioware did own the IP and now it's EA. So unless MS can somehow get it exclusive there is still hope for it being multi-plat.

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elninels1750d ago

Why hope for exclusivity? I wish each system got to play bloodborne, halo, and all the rest.

I imagine that it will be a box/pc exclusive, but I definitely hope it isn't.

Grown Folks Talk1751d ago

I want the character I choose to impact the game more than who flirts with me. Make the story actually be different for each to more of a degree.

DougLord1751d ago

Heck yeah game was great. Just needed to be bigger. I'd like another Star Wars RPG too.

Ristul1751d ago

Jade Empire is such a beautiful game, and OMG the music.

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