Battlefield 4 community map will not be included in the Spring patch

The brand new Battlefield 4 map, created by the community, will not be part of the upcoming Spring patch.

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ThunderPulse1748d ago

Damn DICE needs to work harder.

Mega241748d ago

Even with free content they bitch...smh.

Majin-vegeta1748d ago

I like to see you make a map in a month.The freaking thing barely left concept phase.

ThunderPulse1747d ago

I made maps in hours on FarCry.

MetroidFREAK211748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

The fact of the matter is... They are still supporting this game well after release. And though I hardly play it, that's commendable and outstanding support. Maybe I'll hop back on and play a few rounds

Rearden1747d ago

They better support it, considering what the community has been through -- BF4 was practically unplayable on the PC for the first 6 months.

MetroidFREAK211747d ago

Yeah, it was broken everywhere.... But it's still nice to see a developer supporting their games for more than a year