Be Patient Game Publishers, Be Patient

There are a lot of things that make publishers come off at least looking like bad guys in the video game industry. Most of us are always focused on DLC prices, DLC on disc, pre-order junk and of course review embargo's. Well interestingly enough, we noticed one thing recently about publishers that hasn't been touched on or at least not at all by the majority of gamers or any of the larger gaming websites and that is patients with their games.

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DarkOcelet1743d ago

I still need an explanation on how a massive game like The Witcher 3 cost to devlop and market 40 million dollars and if it sold One million units, it is considered a profit and games like Tomb Raider sells over Six million units and considered a faliure. WTF! Those publishers should tone down on the marketing. Its killing the industry by its ridiculous prices. It could easily destroy a chance of a sequel and damage the company if their game didnt sell good.