Mortal Kombat X: Why are we paying for DLC characters if they're free?

Nerd Reactor asks why we still have to pay for Mortal Kombat X DLC characters if they're free.

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Snookies121749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

It's more along the lines of F2P DLC. Sure, you can use them if you don't buy them, but not in versus matches and only when their particular towers roll around from time to time. They could have just locked the DLC character towers completely. At least they're letting us play them even if we don't have the characters.

decrypt1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

The more important question is, why are you guys bothered at all about piddly things such as paying for extra characters. When you are happy paying for ridiculous things as paying to going online?

Imo complaining about paying for extra characters, skins, maps, weapons etc is a right console gamers shouldnt have after all the other stuff they already happily pay for lol. You brought this upon yourself now deal with it.

deadfrag1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

You are really a loser,do you think every people that owns a console pays for Dlc,i sure dont an never will and i game for more than two decades!

DragonKnight1749d ago

Don't mind him, he has silicon loyalty. I'm told it has an effect on neural processing.

HammadTheBeast1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

rofl aren't PC players the ones who accepted monthly subscription fees for online games, way before consoles?

Yeah ok decrypt.

Patrick_pk441748d ago

@HammadTheBeast For specific games, such as, MMORPG. However, the rest do not charge mostly subscriptions and are not required to pay another charge to access online on top of ones internet bill.

s45gr321748d ago

I just wish free unlockables have not gone the way of the dinosaurs. I hope console gamers don't just complain about bu actually do something about it.

T9001748d ago


It wasnt PC gamers that started the silly trend of buying DLCs such as Maps, weapons, skins etc. Thats a trend started by console gamers. PC gamers had all of that for free via mods.

Sure the trend started by consolers spilled over to PC gaming, since many games now dont come with Mod support. None of this would have happened if Console gamers asked for mods to begin with.

Razjin1748d ago

Funny how the only reason why dlc started was because of pc(which was free) then it slowly made its way to console and that's when Microsoft ruin gaming with dlc.

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badboyz091749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

The same reason why people Donate to Streamers on Twitch when they can just watch for free....

Answer: Morons

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thekhurg1749d ago

Some people don't have a problem paying for entertainment. Without those "morons" there would be very little "free" content for you to watch.

maximus19851749d ago

im one of those morons who donates. im just an average joe making my 9-5 but i feel that the streamers appreciate it as they devote their time and energy to provide a free service. Guess im just stupid

HammadTheBeast1748d ago

When people have jobs and earn their own money, paying around $5 or enough for a cup of coffee at Starbucks to support someone who is giving basically free entertainment isn't a whole lot at all.

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josephayal1749d ago

Mortal Kombat X-MEH! I'll wait a few months for the Ultimate MKX Edition

Wonderful1011749d ago

7 months at most, like Injustice.

ion6661748d ago

I couldn't wait a whole for the ultimate edition. I'd be super salty watching those ppl play on twitch. It would be a whole year not getting good.

Tedakin1749d ago

Seems like you can only play as a DLC person if a certain tower shows up. You can't play as them whenever you want. That's why you have to pay. It's like in KI.... you can play as Jago free..... when they decide to make him free for a week.

deadpoolio3161748d ago

That is EXACTLY what it is...You don't get to just use them whenever you want, its ONLY IF the character shows up in certain towers....Your not going online with them, your not playing arcade mode with them....Its ooh it shows up in a challenge tower, so you actually get to use that character for that purpose....

Funny though as much as people cried about Capcom charging $2.50 each for 12 characters in SFxTk, Netherrealm seems to be getting a free pass for MKX characters being around $7+ each ANNNNND if you can use them in challenge towers clearly that DLC is ON THE DISC.

Fireseed1749d ago

Why are we paying for games if they put out free demos? If they can put out demos than surely they just put it ALL out for free?!?!?!!


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