MS pulled Bungie announcement, confirms a Bungie Halo - But what are they?

XboxOZ360 recaps the news and then speculates as to what exactly the new Bungie Halo and Superintendent are.

"This would suggest that Microsoft felt that having seen the Sony and Nintendo conferences, they had done enough to "win" E3... It indicates Microsoft feels that Bungie's announcement was big enough to distract the media from their other announcements. Given FFXIII and the massive Live overhaul, this is extremely exciting!

But what is Superintendent?

We think it might be a reimaginging of an old Bungie franchise. Titles would include critical darlings Marathon and Myth, along with Oni... The only spanner in the works is the placement of the Superintendent figure over the area of Kenya in the Halo 3 multiplayer lobby. Given its very close links to the Halo universe, this naturally leads us to...

Microsoft's SVP of Interactive Entertainment, Don Mattrick, has confirmed Microsoft will be making announcements on Halo Wars and Bungie's Halo project sometime in the future, but that Halo Wars, Halo Chronicles and Bungie's Halo project are entirely separate titles!

Given Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter creative director Christian Allen is the lead of Bungie's next project; the strange Superintendent figure over Kenya; the much grittier direction already evident in Halo Wars new trailer... was Gamespot right about a tactical squad shooter?"

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Superfragilistic5618d ago

That's like three Halo titles for next year, plus whatever else Bunige's working on!

They sure are milking the golden goose, but if they're as good as the Mario, MGS, & Doom franchises I'll be buying it! :)

Acj23235618d ago

I am hoping to hell it is getting away from were halo 3 left of, I am wishing for a brand new game but with eh halo feel, maybe a game before Halo 1 we can call it Halo 0 lol, I also want it more gritty and dirt more violent and not so childish as we see in halo 3.

I don't want it completely different from halo other wise it wont be halo, but I deftly don't want to see it just like halo 3 but with more guns and vehicles

Superfragilistic5618d ago

If it's anything like that awesome Halo Wars trailer or that film by Neil Bloomkamp, I'll be up for it!

It's almost like their doing an EA! lol

There's the kiddy games and now apparently the more hardcore visceral experiences as well.

Megatron085618d ago

Its almost as bad as SE and how they keep milking that FF franchise. Personally never like halo anyways but its interesting that MS might have another ace up their sleeve so to speak. I just wish that ace was alan wake

Godem5618d ago

kinda just put a massive negative spin on MS's great press conference..

XboxOZ3605618d ago

I personally do NOT think Halo Wars will be as successful as many think it will be. It will not have the huge teen and sub-teen following the current Halo franchise does. It will require some effort and RTS style know-how to get good results, and the basis of Halo's current success is based on mad Run-N-Gun mayhem and nothing much else.

It will appeal to the huge number of older RTS fans and to those who play a lot of RTS on PC's, but I do believe it will not go down well with the millions of screaming-meme's that plague Halo Online and always have done. Halo was originally a RTS being created by Bungie for the Apple and PC, but Apple as its prime target and as a solid RTS.

MS acquiring it changed all that and moved it right away from its roots to the FPS we now see, that really hasn't change all that much from Halo Evolved. The current fan base simply won't take it on as strongly as they have had the FPS they know as Halo, and while it might have a small window of success, it will not last long.

Personally I think Halo 4 or whatever need to be based around the earlier years prior to Halo Evolved. Get back the Forruners time. I wish Bungie would funnel their huge talents into something different, Halo has been milked to death, and while it was/is good, it has had its day in the sun, and the world needs to see what else Bungie can do - other than Halo.

Like it, or hate it, I simply do not believe Halo Wars will be the succees many believe once actual game

ry-guy5618d ago

You do know that when Starcraft came out the exact same things were being said about it?

Then it was released and ensnared a huge younger demograph (for the time).

Superfragilistic5618d ago

I diagree about Halo Wars.

The game has had sparkling write ups all week and how intuitive the controls are. Its also got coop campaigns and a full deck of multiplayer for online with all the community bells and whistles.

Add the fact that it appears very heavily story based in a huge fan-loved franchise, and it's developed by RTS experts Ensemble (Age of Empires), and I think it'll be a blockbuster.

Not on the scale of Halo 3 obviously, but I think it's going to sell very, very well! ;)

green5618d ago

Halo Wars will be a success no doubt about it.All my friends who are Halo fans all plan to get Halo Wars when it releases and most are like me that are new to the RTS genre and find current offerings too intimidating to get into.

Halo Wars will never sell as well as Halo 3 did but if it can sell over 2 million copies i am sure that Microsoft and Ensemble studios will be extremely pleased because they would have firmly placed the RTS on the console and it will bud well for other RTS ventures that they may embark on in the future.

Snukadaman5618d ago (Edited 5618d ago )

Not because its has halo in its name..its because its a different way to play a game we are all used to playing...first person shooter turned into a command and conquer style game...in charge of a whole army of master chiefs...co-op multiplayer....sign me up. By the way..played myth back in the days and loved the humor..I expect the same from this game.

OOG5617d ago

It wont have halo numbers but...I bet it will do good on its own

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Omega45618d ago

Sony better have something HUGE to counter this at the next tradeshow, since they have no excuse because they've been warned ahead of time