Shuhei Yoshida: Morpheus “Works with PS4 Very Tightly;” its Use “Will Become Much Broader”

Shuhei Yoshida has always been at the forefront of the development of Project Morpheus. You could say that it’s basically his pet project. In an interview on Official PlayStation Magazine UK, the jolly SCE Worldwide Studios President talked on the interaction between the VR headset and the console, and on how its scope will broaden in the future.

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Relientk771744d ago

Good Shuhei is the man. Can't wait to see what other features Morpheus will have.

Abriael1744d ago

I still didn't have the chance to try it first hand, but I sure can't wait to.

kevinsheeks1744d ago

I look forward to hearing about your experience :P

bouzebbal1744d ago

i will not trust any word of what they are saying especially about "secondary gimmicks".. We all know how great move tech is and how tight it was fit for PS3 but Sony's vision about it got degraded overtime.

not gonna trust any of these words before 1-2 year of sony's commitment to the device.

Kurisu1744d ago

Looking forward to seeing more from Morpheus at the gaming events this year. Wonder when it will get an official name? Intrigued to see what they call it.

comebackkid98911744d ago

I love Playstation's cabinet. Kutaragi, Yoshida, Trenton, House. Fils-aime and Mattrick never stood a chance.

garos821744d ago

I think this translates too VR playstation home.could be interesting

Thatguy-3101744d ago

Imagine going into a virtual theater with buds to watch movies. Loved it when the 360 had it.

specialguest1744d ago

PS home would be perfect for Morpheus. The theater experience is an obvious one and will work great. Of course all of the mini games, classic arcade room, and even a haunted house/dungeon type of place for a real scare. Amusement park rides like a roller-coaster, very common for an entry level VR experience.

Pillsbury11744d ago

Please let me use it to watch movies and Netflix.

Angeljuice1744d ago

Thank God that the people behind it aren't as limited in their vision as you seem to be.

"Forget the innovative, visionary, revolutionary opportunities, just let me watch TV in a slightly different way".

Pillsbury11743d ago

How tf does my comment suggest I am close minded and I only want it to be used for TV? I only suggest it in addition to the gaming to use it as a second screen in case the main TV is being used.

kraenk121743d ago

So you think going to the cinema with your friends without leaving your room is not revolutionary?!

Subaruwrx1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

If Project Morpheus is ever going to have a broad appeal, Sony has to be able to offer it at an affordable price and still produce a decent product. Imo, if it costs more than $200, its appeal will be limited.

medman1744d ago

You may be right, but it's funny how people will plunk down money every year for a new phone, and think nothing of spending hundreds to do so. At the moment, the Apple Watch is backordered, and it starts at 350 dollars. If Morpheus is good, I'm sure people will buy....but as with anything else of course, the cheaper it is, the more people will buy it sooner rather than later.

BellePelouse1744d ago

If its not PC compatible it better be real cheap, they already got me with their PS Camera and its totally useless, I don't even plug it in anymore...

So if they are to show the same support they showed for their camera at least make it PC and/or Android compatible, or else i feel it will become another dust gatherer

TheCommentator1744d ago

Historically, add ons don't get much support. Vr support has to be built into the games, which means the game will likely need to be 60fps to even consider support. Occulus will run into these problems, and Hololens(AR) faces a price problem in lieu of a a framerate one due to built in processing. I don't see any of these being much more than a niche market.

Pillsbury11744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

A ps camera is useful if you twitch stream, I got one for the future when Morpheus uses it.

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The story is too old to be commented.