New Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Video Shows Flying Mounts in Action and a Floating Island

If you want to see Final Fantasy XIV's upcoming flying mounts that will be released with the Heavensward expansion on June 23rd, today a video was showcased during the Letter from the Producer Live broadcast.

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spicelicka1751d ago

Good god this games looks amazing and ive never even played a final fantasy game before! they should call this fantasy simulator!

paradigmfellow1751d ago

I am still not coming back to the game.

Kurisu1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

It's a good game but you just need so much time to play it. I subbed for a few months and didn't even make it to level 50. There's no way that I'll catch up on all the content. Great for active players, though.

paradigmfellow1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

I got burned out from a lot aspects of the game. When I quit, they added too much grinding content. I also hated the rng for coil drops. I was a SMN and I was holding my coil group back because no casting gear was dropping (during second coil). I couldn't get a lot of the token gear (I forgot the name of the stones needed to buy them) because of the ridiculous amount of acc you needed for the pet and the useless spell speed on it. Furthermore, my job (smn) has now become the worst job in the game.

rhap1751d ago

Actually, it's got a lot of DEAD content. SE managed to make 99% of the content useless. It's all about glamour and getting stupid colored horses. No real challenge, no real PVP, no real progression. Coil is like playing DDR. Once a good group post a video on YouTube, if you have a decent team, you are going to do it as well the same way. Been doing the final coil since the third week into it and the game got boring as hell AGAIN.

They managed to add a Primal Battle (Odin) to give ONLY GLAMOUR ITEMS. Like fashion or costumes.

I don't care for that kind of crap. The game is more like a "Casual Gamer Simulator" than anything else, not to mention the horrible gear progression and stupid loots you get on final raid that, somehow, tends to be WORSE than gears you can get without doing any raid at all because of really bad stats progression.

The game is boring and dull, just looks pretty.

1751d ago