Nintendo's Conference - Was it really that bad?

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"Now, It's understandable that there were A LOT of people who seemed to be disappointed with Nintendo's E3 Conference. Even I found my self disappointed. But the more I look at it, the more I start to realize, it really wasn't the worst."

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pwnsause5432d ago

YES DONT EVEN TALK ABOUT IT. they gave hardcore gamers a big F**K *you alright. its what i said before and i will say it again, the wii is a fad. go ahead take my bubbles, but you know its the truth, if you dont think so, go play reality tv games on the wii. the only thing that system has this year is animal crossing. and seriously dont say wii music, thats possibly the dumbest thing you would say.

Winter47th5432d ago (Edited 5432d ago )

It was THE worst E3 conference I have ever seen, an insult and a slap to the face, thanx, but I'll keep my PS360.

RealityCheck5432d ago

I agree with you. My last hopes that Nintendo would not abandon real gamers were crushed after this presentation.

Wii Music is not even a game in my eyes. Pretending to play music and then listen to the game play the music. Is this for real? I mean seriously at this point I think they could come up with anything and the casuals would eat it up no questions asked; it's like they are hyponotized or maybe brainwashed.

boodybandit5432d ago

I could not believe Reggie had the nerve to say GTA for the DS and Animal Crossing for the Wii when asked where the games were for gamers during the follow up interview.

I really hope this wakes up people that are considering purchasing a Wii. Once MS and Sony hit the -$300 mark in America I hope the "Paradigm" (if you saw the press conference you will understand the use of this word) shifts to the real gaming consoles (the 360 and PS3).

Tarasque5432d ago

Dreadful just dreadful it was. I have turned my wii on twice in like 6 month's. Dreadful just dreadful......

solidt125432d ago

It was very bad. I mean the only core games were Call of Duty, and a DS game for GTA called China Town Wars which will probably be a cool game but WTF. They didn't even mention Mad World which was the only Wii game I am interested in. I don't even know if that game comes out this years.

Rute5432d ago

Definition for the word "fad" from the Free Online Dictionary: "A fashion that is taken up with great enthusiasm for a brief period of time; a craze".

Wii is not a fad. It was huge since it's release and it's still huge, after a year and a half since it's release. As long as there are casual gamers, Wii will continue being huge.

I like hc games, but I also accept facts. The facts don't change no matter how hard people try to deny them.

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Chad Warden5432d ago

Bad? Not really. Terrible is the right word to describe Nintendo's and Microsoft's press conferences.

ape0075432d ago (Edited 5432d ago )

microsoft shows hardcore games to their owners

fall out 3


left 4 dead

gears of war 2

mirros edge

and ff13

but I was little disappointed

cause they didn't show alan wake or bioshock2

Chad Warden5432d ago

Yeah, multi-plat games lol. Sony announced new exclusives that they'll be publishing.

Fox015432d ago

Infinite, Gears, Fable, Star Ocean....

ape0075432d ago

I know most of these games I listed will release on ps3 and yes the ps3 overall has better games,cause of uts strong first party games

resistance 2,killzone2,motorstorm 2,lbp,mag and most importanly GOD OF WAR 3

but nintendo has nothing.....

Tarasque5432d ago

And to the retard that actually took a picture off himself for his avatar. New Ip's that will be released in 3-4 year's if everything is on the same track as thing's now.

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ape0075432d ago (Edited 5432d ago )

yes,worst conference I've ever seen

I've been waiting for starfox wii,mario tennis,pikmin 3,new zelda game

that retro studios secret project

but I lost in a sea of a casuel nightmare

why nintendo why

PoSTedUP5432d ago (Edited 5432d ago )

i said that they didnt even need to come to E3, it wont make a difference cause whatever they announced is going to sell like crack just cause its the wii.

new mario game- who could of known?
GTA DS- now were talkin... i thought that was gangsta.
animalcrossing- pretty big, no doubt.
the wiimote enhancer- okay i guess.
wii sing, dance, cook book etc.- no way jose. but it will sell!

thats what cough my eye. im sure there was some other good things.

Durffen5432d ago

Yeah I understand, it didn't live up to the hype at all. And games like Animal Crossing and Wii Music are not what we wanted. But I think we got some opportunity's.

We finally have voice chat. I don't care if 360 and PS3 have had it, I barely use it on my 360 anyways. But now we finally have it coming.

Call of Duty looked sick. It actually looked really good visually, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars looked pretty awesome too.

If GTA: Chinatown Wars is 3D like the console GTA's, then I'm sold.

Trust me, I said the same thing as everyone else after I watched it. "Worst conference ever! I can't believe I woke up to watch this crap!"

But you can't say CoD didn't look sick.

ohhthegore5432d ago

If the GTA on the DS is 3D like the console, it will look like garbage and be inferior to the two GTA games on that other handheld. Call of Duty did look sick though.... On the PS3 and 360

solidt125432d ago

Call of Duty did look really good on the Wii I give you that, but it will be a better game on the Xbox 360 and PS3 so Nintendo really only has Animal Crossing for the Kiddies.

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