Destiny: Upcoming Changes Include Less Ammo In Crucible, And Showing Off Your Sweet Helmets

You will be able to easily get to this option to wear your gear from the Settings menu.

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gamerfan09091747d ago

I love Bungie, but damn this game was mediocre at best. I really, really hope they return to form with the second one.

Gamble201747d ago

Personally, I was disappointed with the single player campaigns and such but I now believe that was more an issue with what I thought the game would be versus what it actually is. The truth is I enjoy Destiny quite a bit. The online community is great, and if you haven't done strikes or especially raids with a group of friends than you really haven't experienced the best of Destiny. Still not for everyone, but its the game I have most enjoyed so far (haven't played Bloodbourne).

Also, I don't know why people feel the need to make these comments on literally every Destiny article. The game is like 9 months old now. We get it. Some of you were disappointed. You don't have to keep going on about it.

KwietStorm1747d ago

I've experienced 'the best of Destiny' more times than I care to remember. The gameplay is great. The problem is there isn't enough of it. If we're talking game design, it's barren. Once you've hit that wall, it is the same thing, over, and over, and over again. And the problem is for many people, that wall was hit far too quickly, months ago. If their intent was to have this game/world live on and thrive for the foreseeable future, then I don't understand the logic. I want to blame Activision because Activision, but it really doesn't matter. Fact is, most people consistently complaining about it are/were likely some of the biggest fans. That's why they're so vocal about what the game was promoted to be, and what it could have been. Destiny is the best disappointment in years.

Hereiamhereibe21747d ago

Bloodborne was/is amazing I definately recommend.

Hereiamhereibe21747d ago

I need what was promised for the first game to be the next game.

Gamble201747d ago

There are some big updates to Heavy Weapons coming too, which is long overdue IMO.

InTheLab1747d ago

should lower the ammo pool and not the availability of the ammo. If bungie doesn't want the crucible to be a shotgun fest like it is, nerf shotguns or lower the pool of ammo on hand.

All this means is that you will be Red Deathed or Last Worded in the face instead of with a primary.

Really wish they'd stop screwing with the crucible.

ChozenWoan1744d ago

So true,
I'm expecting a dramatic increase in Icebreaker kills... which will likely lead to a nerf of my favorite weapon in the game.

worldwidegaming1747d ago

Yawn! hit 32 three times and retired until the next DLC.
Plenty of other great games out to keep be busy in the meanwhile.
If they want to keep the hype on this game they should release content sooner.

Hereiamhereibe21747d ago

If the dlc drops after June 1st it will be too late in my opinion, although i wouldnt be surprised if they held out to compete with ESO. Although if they do my time will most certainly be invested with ESO.

masterfox1747d ago

lol less ammo again ?, just take out all the guns already lol. Destiny is just a game of the past, had blast, enjoyed a lot, but is time to move forward.

The new DLC coming house of wolves looks pathetic, already players managed to get to parts of that DLC(yes is already in the game) and those look damn boring, the weapons already leak on youtube and those are just lame skins with poor color design.

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