Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Review – Class of War Heroes - The Koalition

Does Final Fantasy Type-0 HD deliver something special for fans of the series? Check out the full review to find out the answer.

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Romudeth1742d ago

This game may have some technical issues due to it being originall on the PSP but I think it's a good direction for the series to go in.

Venomousfatman1742d ago

Yeah, there are some things in the game that are clearly from when the game was on PSP. Like the changing of characters in the main hub, I really wish that was adjusted for the PS4 release. It would've been a small change that would've made a significantly positive impact on the whole experience.

rbailey1742d ago

I've heard a lot of mixed things about this game. I also know for a fact that most people only bought this game so they can play the Final Fantasy XV demo. I wonder if alot of people still would have bought this title if the demo wasn't a part of the package lol

Venomousfatman1742d ago

Me too. I think it was smart of Square to bundle this with the FFXV demo. A lot of people would've dismissed it as another failed attempt without playing it had that not been the case.

Its actually good and has some great starting points for future FF games..

NoctisPendragon1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

100% agree with you , they did well.
It will also boost the future sales of FF Type-1 and no one will be able to complain if FF Type-1 is not on Vita since FF Type-0 wasn't .