Top 10 PlayStation Facts & Secrets That'll Blow Your Mind

"We're betting that you probably haven't heard of half the things on this list."

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bcrdi3334d ago

Yup Nintendo dropped the ball on that.

Nerdmaster3334d ago

It's funny how he doesn't say why the deal with Nintendo didn't go forward. It was because it would be Sony who would have control over what would be released for the add-on among other things. It was Sony who was trying to backstab Nintendo. The only error Nintendo made was not paying attention to this specific part of the contract before deciding to start the project.

Delsin_Rowe3333d ago

Bruh, that a lot of nonsense, First Sony didn't backstab Nintendo get that fact straight, second what add-on you talking about since last time i remember they were there just to create a nintendo CD console but never heard more stuff apart from that. Third Nintendo read the contract so i am pretty sure, they just didn't care what Sony do with the project since Nintendo switch ship.

Nerdmaster3333d ago


Dude, please study a little before trying to correct people...


"Nintendo signed a deal with Sony to produce a CD-ROM add-on for the SNES"

"Under their agreement, Sony would develop and retain control over the SNES-CD disc format, effectively ceding a large amount of control over software licensing to Sony."


"unbeknownst to Nintendo, Sony would be the sole worldwide licenser, giving them the publishing profits from the SNES and SNES CD titles."

techrave3334d ago

Imagine Nintendo and Sony being a team since 1995...that would've been devastating or may be we would've never seen any games from sony? What do you guys think?

DonkeyDoner3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

we wont see most of playstation IP today

FarEastOrient3334d ago

The funny thing is... The first Sony developed games were for the Sega CD after the Nintendo betrayal.

plsburydoughboy3334d ago

If the deal pushed through, the PlayStation would not have been a hub for indie developers small and large to thrive in, and the industry would be in a completely different shape and form today. The Nintendo monopoly would have still been in effect, with Sony acting as their field marshall.

I'd been thinking about the possibilities of this deal for some time and I think this is what would have happened. The PlayStation's biggest value wasn't in creating a platform for its own IPs, but breaking apart Nintendo's monopoly.

And you can argue if that never happened, Nintendo would not have ended up in the path to creating the Wii and the DS (Cuz Yamauchi would not have given his job to Iwata if he stayed dominant).

Delsin_Rowe3333d ago

Without PlayStation, Xbox wouldn't never existed.

ArnoDorian3333d ago

2 things
1. That disagree tho
2. There would be No PS2

chrissx3334d ago

I think its a blessing that nintendo dropped the early deal with sony if not playstation world wouldn't have existed

italiangamer3334d ago

Gaming as we know today wouldnt have existed.

SpinalRemains1383334d ago

It would I believe.

Someone would have scooped up the ball and brought forward a new media and more adult games.

Maybe we'd have an Apple or a Google console to match the Xbox.

Nintendo would still be catering to kids mostly, but the market for more violent adult games will always thrive.

jreeves823334d ago

I already knew all ten of these.

Tross3334d ago

I knew most of these. I did not know the facts about the PS2 though. I had no idea the Iraqis tried to build a supercomputer with them(though I did know about the US military doing that with PS3s). I also had no idea that games on my PS2 memory card affected the towers in the startup screen. I didn't know that the Souls games inspired any features for the PS4. I knew everything else though.

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